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I Want to be Sedated — Life Changing

Here's One Thing

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OOH …Here’s One Thing  



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company


I Want to be Sedated

Anyone else remember this little ditty by the Ramones?  Simple little headbanger, but in the right setting, man could this raise the energy level. https://youtu.be/bm51ihfi1p4 


Rut-row, where you going with this Johnsen?  Well I just finished watching a little epiphanous clip on TedTalks about habits.  It turns out, motivation and grand plans are our worst enemy when it comes to forming and keeping good habits.  Say what?

The logic, according to this Stanford professor, is that the more audacious our goal, the more motivation we need to dig up…and, surprise, our brains work really hard to avoid hard things.  So rather than work harder to achieve our dreams, we really need to jettison those dreams and shoot much lower (at least until we build the habit muscle, gradually overtime).  She uses a personal example to make her point.  Recently she decided to run a half marathon.  She spent lots of time mapping out the training schedule.  And for the first two weeks she was on it like a drill sergeant.  When the third week rolled around, all went to hell in a hand basket.  She then decided to change her goal to running 1 minute every day.  As expected she was able to maintain this habit, which over time lead her to longer runs.  

Interesting food for thought.  Next time tell your kid to shoot low, not high!  If you would like to give it a listen, here it is:     


In other news…would like to give a shout out to Barry Frey and DPAA for arranging a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) virtual tour and recap with Michael Bassik.  If you want a poor (IMHO) recap you can read the short Media Post article here ⇒


Barry is there anyway to allow people to access the virtual tour post facto?  A couple things that grabbed me by the pants:  1.  Samsung Consumer Electronics is now squarely in the media business, 2. “this isn’t some far out sifi here, much of what is presented at the CES will be available within a year or two…Pelton first debuted at the CES 4 years ago for example”…wow wish I had gone to the show 4 years ago and then ran out and bought some stock.

Wishing everyone a reflective MLK day.  Cheers.    


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1 Comment
  1. Barry Frey says

    Thanks Jim and yes. BTE Best Tour Ever each year Michael gives our members an amazing walking tour of floor and this year he was great on line! Yes, there will be a version available on video with slides. We’ll have links on our web site. Great piece—twenty twenty twenty four hours a day…. another example is taking one mogul at at time and not focusing on bottom of mountain…