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Hustle and Flow

OOH …Here’s One Thing —by Jim Johnsen

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OOH …Here’s One Thing


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

Hustle and Flow

For anyone who has read my dribble before, I think you would agree that I try to stay away from self aggrandizement and I usually try to keep it light.  Well for this one, boys and girls, that’s not what you will get.  

Johnsen, Fretty had the good fortune of working with Carroll Advertising (and its law firm Jim Brady & Associates) in its recent sale to Outfront Media.  Feel free to check out the original press release here:


This was the second time we had the good fortune to work alongside John Carroll on a large transaction and I am grateful to have gotten to know him over the past 20 years.  For a regular kid from Norwood, MA with a decent high school football career and a bit of one in college, and for someone who fell into out of home advertising business after realizing it was hard and moneyless to work for the Boston Globe or write like James Joyce, I would go as far as to say that John, at least in my eyes, you have become the Larry Bird of outdoor advertising.  

Now he, like any other true Bostonian, would send me a knuckle sandwich for even placing him in the same sentence as this demi-god.  And beyond that, for anyone that knows John, knows that he practices his craft quietly.  He couldn’t give two shits about outside recognition or accolades.  He plays to win.  Period, full stop.  Sound a little like the Bird yet?  

So, John, as they say in your neighborhood, “honest to God I am sorry”, but heck I have got the mic… and in my book you still are the Larry Bird of outdoor.  Want me to prove it?  Here is a little piece on the 7 Ways Larry Bird Could Kill You.  (If you are classic sports fan it’s definitely worth the 10 minute watch):

7 Ways Larry Bird Could Kill You

And here is the 7 ways John Carroll (JC) could kill you:

  1. Fade Away Jumper.  JC knows how, when and where to develop premium outdoor. He has proven it by building a company 3 times over.  
  2. The Step Back.  If you are on his tail in the Boston market, you may think you know what his next move is, but he usually has a pump fake in him.
  3. Passing Power.  The guy knows how to build incredibly strong relationships at every level.  I have seen it first hand.  Family, friends, colleagues, sign builders, landowners and last but not least many guys that have political juice.  In addition much of what he does he does so he can spread generosity.  He is anything but a ball hog.  (And btw he is one of those almost extinct breed of guys that are willing to seal a deal on a handshake).
  4. The 3 Point Shot.  He is not afraid to invest in the long shots.  And you would be amazed how many times they go in.
  5. Hustle and Will.  Ball on the floor.  JC will usually be on it before others even think of taking a dive.  Ask yourself, would you have the cahones to call Robert Kraft and pitch him on putting billboards in Gillette Stadium?
  6. The Clutch Closer.  When things are down for JC he doesn’t throw in the towel.  On the contrary, this is when his business mind shines.  Its almost like he has finely studied “The Obstacle is the Way” 
  7. The Trash Talker.  This one needs no introduction.  John’s a Bostonian Irishman, through and through.  Anyone who knows him knows that he can both put it out there and take it…and he enjoys every bit of it.  If you want the full experience, spill a Guinness with him sometime at his bar, The Rooster.  I think you will agree that here is a guy that plays outdoor and life a lot like Larry Bird.  

But wait a minute, Johnsen, Bird was a good artist too.  Oh ya there is that too.  

“We all know success

When we all find our own dreams

And our love is enough

To knock down any walls

And the future’s been seen

As men try to realize

The simple secret of the note in us all”

                  The Who, Pure and Easy

Here’s to you JC:




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