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How Fairway Outdoor Roadblocked the City of Chattanooga

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Fairway Constructs 14 hour Digital OOH Roadblock

Last week, on February 1, FairwayOutdoor, Chattanooga, did something out of the ordinary in Digital Out of Home Advertising. In fact it was big time off the reservation. Fairway took all 43 of their digital locations in the Metro area and turned them into static locations from 9:45 AM to Midnight.

At seemingly the flip of a switch or click of a mouse, Fairway customer, EPB Fiber Optics tripled its internet speed. In Chattanooga, residential customers who subscribed to the company’s 100 Mbps starting internet speed have been upgraded to 300 Mbps. That is with no increase in the price. The generous move by EPB has provided more than 15,000 current customers even better internet value.

In tandem with EPB, also at a click of a mouse, Fairway Outdoor of Chattanooga, posted the news on all 43 of their digital faces in the Metro Area. Turning their digital faces into what Fairway called ‘static locations,’ running the EPB announcement from 9:45 AM to Midnight.

That’s a major ‘roadblock,’ taking over all of Fairway’s digital faces and freezing the images for over 14 hours.

That’s a major ‘roadblock,’ taking over all of Fairway’s digital faces and freezing the images for over 14 hours. Owning the market and some, the overall impressions overwhelmingly exceeded the total 15,000 affected customers and to EPB’s hope, reaches and attracts many more.  The campaign garnered over 3 million impressions for the day!  It was a first for Fairway Outdoor Advertising and the evolving billboard industry in the Chattanooga market.

Might be an interesting conversation to share with market GM Steven Miller.
Contact Steve at 423 664 6102 or steve.miller@fairwayoutdoor.com







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