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Here are the Digital Out of Home Methodology Standardization Guidelines and Best Practices

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Sharing the details of the latest release from the OAAA listed previously in OOH Today see the story using this link ⇒  OAAA Announces Standardization Guidelines and Best Practices for Exposure Methodology in Digital Out of Home Advertising . The OAAA has a new DOOH measurement guide.  For a detailed look at the guidelines and practices, click the following link for details⇒DOOHExposureMethodologyStandard_Draft.docx (oaaa.org) Additionally see below the ‘Key Contributors’, ‘Participants’ and ‘Companies’ who provided ‘inputs’.


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Key Contributors
● Adsquare: Michael Schlueter
● Clear Channel: Wade Rifkin, Jeremy Flynn
● JCDecaux: Mark Costa, Josh Kaner
● Lamar Advertising: Ian Dallimore, Shirley Morrow
● Lightbox: Pete Miles, Carmen Tsang
● Veraset: Parker Pence, Vaibhav G (upta)
● Verizon Media: Nick Ortega, Rebecca Melone, M Wasfi, Sam Blum, Fred Benz
● Vistar Media: Eugenie Chen, Chris Allison, Chris Waterman, Laura Kasakoff, Leslie Lee
● Volta: Drew Lipsher

● Adelphic/Viant: Robby Barnett
● AdQuick: Kate Goldvasser, Katie Burwell
● Foursquare: Leighann Terraforte, Danielle Booth, Anne Anderson
● Geopath: Dylan Mabin, Kym Frank
● GSTV: Dave Kovall, Eric Sherman
● MFour: Vardan Kirakosyan
● The Trade Desk: Shaina Cohen, William Hartley-Booth
● Ubimo/Quotient: Fan Blackwell, Norman Chait, Sharon Maori, Shannon Schlesser

Additional thanks to the following companies for their inputs:
● Adams Outdoor Advertising
● adPlanet
● Alpine Media
● AMI Entertainment Network
● Branded Cities
● Buzztime
● Captivate
● Dolphin Digital
● Gloss TV
● Grocery TV
● Health Media Network
● Liquid Outdoor
● New Tradition
● NRS Digital Media
● Pacific Outdoor Advertising
● ReachTV
● Rouge Media
● Screenvision Media
● SellrTV
● Social Indoor
● Topgolf
● TouchTunes
● UPshow
● Velocity / Velocity Grocery Network
● Vertical Impression

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