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Good Night Sweet Prince(ss) And just like that, Kym Frank is OUT!

Resignation comes simultaneously as Opening Remarks to Day 2 of 2021 OOH Media Conference

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Kym Frank, former Geopath President

And just like that, Kym Frank is Out!


Resignation Timing Released during Opening Remarks to Day 2
of 2021 OOH Media Conference


Kym Frank is no longer part of Geopath and it has been reported, has resigned. Coincidently or tactically planned, the announcement, separately released, came during Frank’s pre recorded  opening remarks for today’s 2021 Annual OOH Media Conference.

Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief at MediaPost, broke the news and extended the story with the title Frank Resigns As Geopath President, ‘Coup By Anna’ Cited’. 

Per Mandese story today:

“…the OAAA’s ambush of Geopath so striking is that Geopath is actually the only media-measurement organization that is operating as what people outside the U.S. would call a “JIC,” or joint industry committee in which all sides — advertisers, agencies and media suppliers — jointly set the standards, methods and execution of the measurement system.”

“Equally puzzling is the fact that the OAAA’s new out-of-home advertising-measurement standard appears to be a regression from what many consider to be a higher one developed by Geopath under Frank’s leadership.”

Mandese mentions an unnamed ‘knowledgeable source’ describing the move as a “coup by Anna.”

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While we greatly admire his journalistic skills, we suggest from the perspective as someone fully immersed in the OOH Industry the last 40+ years, if indeed it was a Coup and we think it was not ‘by Anna’, (this has been brewing for months if not a full year) the decision to resign was precipitated or pressured by those who truly run both OOH Organizations. 

Who’s that? Follow the money, as the saying goes.

Historically, neither Association has made, nor will ever make, a major decision beyond using the executive rest room without strategic consultation from the primary members, of which there are basically three. And mind you, permission to possess the rest room key is not granted easily. 

Just as the Associations are under iron fist control, so too follows those same with the Associations’ relentless efforts to control the narratives of members of the Out of Home industry and vetting what you in the mainstream, be it provider, agency and advertiser, are led to believe or permitted to say.(coincidently many of you have shared with me as recently as today, the overt censorship actions of deletion and removal of comments in the Media Conference’s ‘Chat’ room for the OOH Conference by the ‘Event Staff”)  We are at times, surprised a greater effort (there is a constant low key push) is not made to overtly restrain OOH Today’s messages. We don’t drink or pour the Kool-Aid like the other guys. 

Sure, there is more. Much more. Let’s all return to the Conference and keep our eyes on the prize and know that OOH Today will keep ours on those making the Kool-Aid. 

Read Mandese’s full story here⇒ MediaPost’s Mandese says Frank Out Coup by Bager Cited

‘Good Night Sweet Prince'(ss) 

‘Good night sweet prince’ is a line from the final scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

What remains to be seen working through the Shakespearean analogy and understanding the meaning and context of the line, is the reference is to “the corruption has collapsed around the corrupt, and as Hamlet has observed, all he had to do was let it happen. All he had to do was be ready for it. ‘Readiness is all,’ he says as he prepares for his final hour. Stabbed with a poison-tipped rapier, he dies, and utters his last words: ‘The rest is silence.’ “


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  1. Sean K says

    What a loss! Let’s hope she stays in the industry, such a great asset!

  2. We agree Sean K. Without a doubt a strong ambassador for OOH and OOH measurement. It would be our Industry gain if we are able to keep her in the fold.

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  4. Joseph Mancino says

    Maybe not a coup by Anna, but a coup none the less. As an independent operator – I am fuming over the OAAA introduction of more media voodoo. All this does is confuse my buyers until such a time that they believe this new (old?) mystical counting technique. OAAA and whoever pulled this strings jumped the shark on this one.

    Tell me OAAA, how am I to represent and sell my audience – next week? You know, now, not “in the future”, but now, tomorrow. How am I to sell my product? Please tell me because I am about to write a check for my membership dues and burning minds need to know.

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  6. […] been 121 days since Kym Frank, former President of Geopath, ‘resigned’ from her position. More to the point, it has been 3 months, 29 days since Geopath has been […]

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