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Going Viral with you OOH campaign! What its like…

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How does 275,000 likes sound?

Casey Binkley
Founder & CEO
Yes, not impressions but LIKES! The video also had over 2 Million online views.

Grillo’s Pickles – Chill Out and Eat a Pickle campaign went viral this summer! This is one of the best examples of how contextual OOH can win the hearts of consumers. 20 Mobile Billboards blanketing the LA market and making strategic deliveries to food service locations like grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and high-traffic areas got the city hyped up about eating pickles this summer.

After only five weeks in market, a TikTok video went viral of a pickle fanatic chasing one of the units and praying that it flipped over.  Warning the original video has profanity.


PG edited version is also available.

Things that helped this campaign go viral

  1. Great creative
  2. Contextual placement
  3. Loyal fans/consumers
  4. Insatiable appetite for pickles in the summer!
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