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Can You Get Beyond the OOH ‘Box’ —It happens

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Execute outside of the Out of Home ‘box’

Look at this creative and what do you see?

This is obviously an Euro placement.  The copy is probably not going to fly anywhere in the States.  What else do you see?

We see an execution which is encouragement to create outside of the
Out of Home ‘box’.  Go beyond the conventional boundaries.

The impact, as we suggest this campaign example provides, challenges the physical boundaries of the traditional OOH size.

We are not suggesting the language, we are advocating for literally moving outside of the framed ‘can’ of the street furniture or transit shelter- 6′ x 4′ face with the ‘paper’.  Extend the poster beyond the framing.

Forget the language. Consider the execution. Creative isn’t always defaulted to what is printed.

Creative isn’t always defaulted to what is printed.

What is the worse case scenario if you did this?  If the ‘ends’ or ‘end’ of the paper exceeded the framing is removed or torn off by John or Jane Q Public?  What would the down side be?

The upside?  The risk reward ratio is clear. The impact will be voluminous.  It’s great for the client and your future sales.  


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