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Generation X Forgotten —Don’t Forget Gen X

OOH Fast Facts on the “Forgotten Generation.”

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This January, CBS released a report listing all of the generations by birth year.  Somehow, they forgot to list Generation X, people born between 1965 and 1980.  This resulted in quite a bit of hysterical banter on Twitter, and a suggestion that the cohort be renamed the “Forgotten Generation.”

The advertising industry would make a grave mistake if they too, forget Gen X, while paying attention to the much sought-after Millennials.  According to a recent eMarketer report, GenX is in their financial prime.  Not only do they have higher incomes than the average household, their average yearly spending is $73,681 – nearly $13,000 more dollars a year than the rest of the population.

Studies show that OOH is a great way to reach this age group.  According to Simmons, they are 9% more likely than the rest of the population to say they have noticed OOH advertising in the last 30 days.  They are 21% more likely to say they’ve seen an airport ad, 20% more likely to say they’ve seen an ad in a gas station, and 13% more likely to say they’ve seen a transit ad.

For more information about Gen X and how to reach them with OOH advertising, please feel free to reach out to your friends at Geopath geekOUT@geopath.org

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  1. Andrea Messimer says

    Genx has the best sense of humor. Loved the comments. Proud to be one. It demonstrates how inaccurate information can be- even a giant like CBS misses crucial details of a segment and publishes it anyway. It made for a great story, whether it was deliberate or not. 😊

  2. Bill Board says

    GEN Xer Andrea? Would you say you are representative of the Gen X age group? Thank you for the comments.