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Fresh Haze —Partly, Totally —3D OOH

Chase the Haze

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Chase the Haze —Deschutes Brewery

Like the newest Supreme Court Justice, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, I like to drink beer.  I am not sure what kind of beer Justice Kavanaugh likes to drink, for me its IPA.  I like a juice bomb which explodes with orange citrus, a soft malt body and mid alcohol volume with low International Bitterness Unit (IBU) measure.  Deschutes Brewery has just my kind of beer and my kind of advertising—#OOH

Deschutes Brewery has just my kind of beer and my kind of advertising—#OOH

Deschutes has a wallscape on the street in Portland, Oregon for its new craft IPA, Fresh Haze.  Fresh Haze is a special beer with a special Outdoor install using 3D.  The 3D was provided by Soft Signs 3D.  MacDonald Media’s Tamsen Brown, Jamie Usselman, and Kelsey McMahan planned and placed the buy with OOH provider, Summus Outdoor

Here is a drone video footage of the 3D vinyl wall⇒Fresh Haze video.

The Wallscape size is 38ft x 68ft. The 3D hops bud prop size is 14ft x 14ft.  With zero installation for the 3D prop, the 38 x 68 vinyl and all reinforcement are all in one piece.  The wallscape has been up for nearly two weeks.

The above is how it happened.

What does the client, Deschutes Brewery have to say about the OOH execution? OOH Today asked.  Deschutes answers, below.

  • Why did Deschutes decide to use the 3D for this campaign/unit?

For the launch of Fresh Haze, we wanted to do something impactful and unique that hadn’t really been done in this market.  Portland is a key market for Deschutes and we found this amazing wallscape near the Moda Center, securing it right at the start of the Portland Trailblazers season. We know that outdoor in the craft beer space has been done, but Deschutes is the type of brand that is always looking for a way to do something from a fresh perspective. This is where the 3D concept came into play.

  • How was the finished product received by the client?

We’ve (Deschtues) been hearing lots of positive buzz from our colleagues and friends in Portland since the installation. The high traffic placement by the Moda Center and the high impact visual of the protruding hop against a bright orange background does a great job of catching attention and delivering the key visual cues that a consumer will look for on shelf.

  • Any additional thoughts or comments?The 3d technology is very interesting and innovative and we plan to consider even more ideas for how we can use this in the future. It is a time-consuming process and requires a significant amount of upfront work from the creative team.  The timelines required also are something to consider because there are some phases of the production that cannot be rushed.
Break open a cold Fresh Haze this evening.



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