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Here are 4 Keys to a Successful Digital OOH Network

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How to Build a Successful Digital Out-of-Home Network

David Weinfeld


David Weinfeld , Sales Director for Publisher Solutions at Vistar Media




Weinfeld wrote about building a successful DOOH Network.  A link to his post is at the bottom of this post.  Summarizing his comments, here are “four tried-and-true keys to mitigating common DOOH mistakes.”

Here are Weinfeld’s keys:

1. Don’t put the cart before the horse
Reliance on programmatic marketplaces for out-of-home media will enable smaller networks to access a healthy source of demand and grow quickly while opening up immediate revenue opportunities.

2. Teamwork makes the dream (net)work
Advertising sales expertise is required to unlock media budgets within the world’s largest agencies. You always need to be selling to convince the most relevant brands to spend with you.

3. Consumer experiences are paramount to your retail strategy
Media owners will need to adapt to capitalize on this opportunity for brands to reach target customers at the precise moment they want to engage.

4. Building your network to last
DOOH companies need to call upon technology to seamlessly communicate across channels


“Lastly, all of the tips above are for naught if a network isn’t audited by a third-party. DOOH networks require thorough oversight before hosting large-scale media campaigns to ensure they can be easily bought, planned and optimized for. With this approach, leaving no stone unturned, you’ll reap the benefits and create greater efficiency and ROI for the channel.”

“all …are for naught if a network isn’t audited by a third-party”

OOH Today supports the importance for an audited independent third-party and that #OOH / DOOH independent 3rd party must be Geopath. 

that #OOH / DOOH independent 3rd party must be Geopath. 

Read the post by    From DOH! to OOH: How to Build a Successful Digital Out-of-Home Network





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  1. Nick Coston says

    Good article but nothing really new for OOH buyers. For the digital boards described above the only true way to see who’s looking at your flip at any one time and exact Demographics of that crowd is through real time camera technology. When combining that with Geo path numbers or just using pure camera tech you’ll get the best data available that’s not historical that’s in real time that hour that day that week . Let’s stop avoiding the obvious.

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Mr Coston.

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