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Driving Cars (sales) —The Importance of OOH to the Auto Industry


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The Importance of OOH to the Auto Industry

geekOUT —Fast Facts Friday

Yesterday, OOH Today ran highlights featuring questions people had asked on www.cohoot.com.

One user asked, “How can we get auto dealerships to move dollars back to OOH?”

The fact that there aren’t more dealership dollars being funneled into out of home advertising is mind boggling.  We took at look at our data, and only 37% of people in the market for a new car in the next year say that they’ve seen an ad online in the last 3 months.  However, 78% of them say they recall seeing out of home advertisement in the last 30 days

Using OOH advertising, dealerships are reaching those who are already planning to buy or lease a car, as well as those who are making recommendations to friends, and those who haven’t even decided to make a purchase yet.  And where else are you most likely to be thinking about how much you want a new car than when you are sitting in your old car? 

In case you missed the Geopath report on the importance of OOH to the auto industry, as well as the study conducted by Nielsen about how advertising influences automobile buyers, it’s time to check out this OOH Today article from earlier this year.  “Baby You Can Drive My Car.”

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