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Everyone Would Benefit from Standardization

We’ve seen it online, we’ll see it in OOH.

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don’t ever let this become a message targeted at OOH

OOH and the Tower of Babel


“A lesson from Babel: While we don’t need to share secrets, everyone would benefit from some standardization. We saw it in Babel, we’ve seen it online, we’ll see it in OOH.” Quote from David Pal, CEO of Ads On Top, shares the critical importance of collaboration and standardization back from October 2018.


a message from Wrapify

The costs from the absence of, are starting to mount in expenses and opportunity costs. Long over due and past time to move.  Happy to see OAAA beginning to move on it.   

David Pal’s prescient insights click here⇒   OOH and the Tower of Babel.  A repost from 2018




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