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Evaluating Out of Home’s Response in the COVID-19 Crisis —OOH Podcast Today

Podcast 30 —considerations, ratings and reviews

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Considerations to Out of Home’s Response in the COVID-19 Crisis

One through ten ratings —telling it like they see it


Our 5 Out of Home EXPERIENCED professionals on the Board of Directors, weigh in on a rapid fire round table considerations, ratings and reviews of Outdoor Advertising Industries’ responses to the COVID-19 Crisis. Listen in on the one through ten ratings, as the Board tells it like they see it.  Join
Levi Eichenstein, Todd Hansen, Jeff Joaquin, Jack Sullivan and Bob Wolfe

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:

Bob Wolfe, President Founder, Outselling, Inc
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Consultant, email: jsulli2703@gmail.com
Jeff Joaquin, Co-founder President. Marquee Media
Todd Hansen, President, Sun Outdoor
Levi Eichenstein, President, Red Rock Outdoor
Moderator: Brent Baer,  Publisher, OOH Today

Podcast #30 –34 min. It’s a long one, but worth it. Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen.  Skip the introductions and go directly to the discussion at 2 min 20 seconds. 

We want to hear from you! Share your opinions, comments and experiences on the issues and answers presented in today’s #billboard podcast. Please submit questions for our panel to BillBoard@OOHToday.com  Share your comments at the bottom of the page under ‘Leave A Reply’  You do not have to leave your real name or email address. 

We may not always say what you like, but we’ll tell it like it is on Out of Home Advertising.

OOH TODAY —The outdoor advertising industry’s only independent voice.

The Board Room’ is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered/unscripted podcast offering deeper insights of the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of experienced #OOH professionals discuss everything in the OOH space… agencies, buyers/sellers, creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.





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  1. Carole Jones says

    Hi Bill,

    I listened to your Podcast #30 from Friday ‘Evaluating OOH’s Response in the COVID-19 Crisis’ today—time for my weekly rant!

    I enjoy the Podcast. Your Board Members understand our business and it’s good to hear the varying viewpoints.
    I have two comments:
    1.) Local business is getting killed. Every account I handle (which is less than ten!) have either cancelled a program scheduled for March/April or received a discount from the billboard vendor. If a “1” is awful, local business in our market is a “2.”
    2.) I agree with Jack Sullivan’s prediction about when business will come back. Let’s define what “come back” means. As a market operator, our goal is always to make a budget. In other words, beat last year by about 5%. I don’t think major markets will beat a “same time last year” month until April of 2021. Across the country, last year was a pretty good one—the bar for 2020 is fairly high. I don’t see any “up” months coming despite an even numbered 2020 election this year. Certainly, I don’t see markets having a 105% quarter until Second Quarter of 2021. Like Jack, I hope I’m wrong!

    Some clarification is needed – what do your Board Members mean when they say “clients are working with them?” Are they offering more space or a discount to compensate for reduced traffic? Every advertiser in our market who has asked for a discount during this crisis has received a discount. The number I hear most often is 50% off.

    Here’s an interesting question: Are the ONLY advertisers receiving the discount the ones who ask? Is it ethical to give one car dealership a discount, but not give a discount to the dealership down the street because they didn’t ask for one?

    Final Rant, the employees of Lamar and OUTFRONT are generally pleased with their upper management. Why? Because to this point, there haven’t been any significant layoffs of salaried employees. (I don’t have enough information of CCO to comment —I haven’t heard their status.) But it’s inevitable that layoffs are coming if the shutdown in our market extends through May.

    Here’s a suggestion, why doesn’t corporate staff at Lamar and OUTFRONT and their General Managers at the market level, announce that they are taking a 20% salary reduction effective immediately? “Everybody is in this together!” PROVE IT! What a way to get their employees to understand how dire the current situation is and layoffs are inevitable! And please tell me one thing that management have done in the last 30 days to earn their substantial salaries. They’re all sitting at home trying not to be bored out of their minds—just like the rest of us!

    Thanks for listening. Curious what others in the industry think and feel.

    This is better than a therapist!


  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Carole Jones, your comments are prophetic.

    Here’s a suggestion, why doesn’t corporate staff at Lamar and OUTFRONT and their General Managers at the market level, announce that they are taking a 20% salary reduction effective immediately? “Everybody is in this together!”

    Thank you for listening. We will send you an invoice for the therapeutic sessions.

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