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Don’t Throw Away Your Shot

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Don’t Throw Away Your Shot



By Nick Coston, OOH Media Buyer & Agent



I’m a worrywart. And yes, I looked it up that’s the way you spell worrywart. But I don’t just worry for for myself. I worry for everybody. It’s my way. Especially for those in our chosen industry of out-of-home media. Right, billboards.

What I worry about is the idea of seeing my colleagues face-to-face, having a good laugh and sharing some beers in the upcoming October 2021 New York City Advertising events like DPAA, Daily DOOH’s AdTech Day and of course NYC Advertising Week. With masks on. I don’t care if they have the pretty Outfront logos and one day we hope will be collectors items. It’s a mask.  Like we just performed an appendectomy on Uncle Harry. Make no mistake, it’s really hard to smoke a cigar with a mask on. And then you got to wash it at night so you don’t stink out the next days meetings. See, I already figured this out. You’ll thank me later.

None of these awesome events were held live last year due to the no vaccines yet, pandemic. But as we slog our way out of this human disaster and work our way back to normalcy, and we will get there, Worrywart Nick is having a breakdown. Most if not all of October’s events will be held indoors usually in pretty crowded settings. And with the news announced today about checking vaccination cards for indoor events in NYC, will us as attendees be ready to play ball? Keep in mind that unlike tonight’s DPAA Happy Hour, which will be held outdoors, and chances being high that it’ll be a lot of locals that are members and want to see each other and where the vaccinated rate is very high. It’s an awesome idea and I like the way they planned this out. I for one will be there. I’m not worried.

bus shelter of Borat Maskini

But the events in October are different. You could have attendees coming from all over the country mostly on airplanes many coming from overseas as well. Coming from the south, like Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi where to date new Covid infections have surged to above 2020’s highs? Sure. But are you coming alone or are you bringing your little friend, The Corona with. We won’t know and probably you won’t know. Will all these events be checking everyone’s vaccination cards either on paper or on your smart phone? Imagine those lines to get in. And what if the mask mandate is still in order and maybe you have not been vaccinated will you be wearing a mask and trying to carry on business conversations and be a cast out like a scarlet letter on your shirt? How miserable would that be if we’re all in masks trying to laugh, trying to tell your longtime colleagues how happy you are to see them, yet they can’t see half of your face. I guess I wouldn’t have to shave. No making out either.

Attendees are going to be spending a lot of money getting to New York City, sleeping in New York City, eating in New York City and attending these events. I for one plan to be one of those.

So that leaves us with the big question on a day where New York City once again makes the news on a new health mandate. How do we solve this potential worrywart scenario?

The easiest way besides some of the other fundamentals that go with trying not to catch a communicable disease is in the words of Alexander Hamilton, Take Your Shot. Now I know what you’re saying, he really was saying I’m Not Throwin’ Away My Shot. But you get it. And get it you should, less you have some real issues health wise taking vaccines, and some people do. So take your shot or watch it virtually from home. It’s ok, we still like you.

But take it sooner than later, so we can all plan to be healthy and see each others smiling, grinning or a few of you, painful faces. You know who you are. If not, no one likes mask-kisses, having to yell over everyone else, yelling because they have a mask on and looking like you have tuberculosis. That’s a bad look. Not to mention all the bad breath.

As the man says, I’m not throwin’ away my shot.

I hope you don’t either.

Take your shot!

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