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Deepfake Enters into the World of Digital OOH

A Deepfake to 6.3 Million Poles

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Deepfake technology brings art to
6.3 million Poles

Deepfake amused the internet
Now, it entered into the world of digital OOH advertising

A Polish company, Screen Network, launched the campaign ‘We revitalize the Art’. 


The ‘We revitalize the Art’ campaign uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to create lifelike animations of famous paintings. A lot of people wonder how the subjects of  the famous portraits actually looked like. Today, by combining digital OOH with deepfake technology, we can answer this question better than ever.  The technology yields a new insight. Screen Network has created an urban gallery of the famous masterpieces painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer and more. Paintings were brought to life for the „We revitalize the Art” project with the use of progressive algorithms, image stabilization and advanced light effects.

This DOOH exhibition is divided in weekly stages. Every week, Polish citizens will have the opportunity to discover several masterpieces of art from various eras and styles (e.g. “Lady with an Ermine”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, “Van Gogh self-portrait”).  The main objective is to showcase digital OOH as a public space medium which could be both educational and entertaining.

The project involves over 20,000 digital OOH screens that reach over 6.3 million Poles per day. The screens are located in the largest Polish cities along the highways with heavy traffic, railway stations, shopping malls and airports.

Damian Rezner, Director of innovation, Screen Network

“Artificial intelligence and deepfake to many, is scary and it’s packed with ethical questions. But, as with any tool, it also provides benefits that could be very insightful. Deepfake could revolutionize our history lessons with interactivity and help attract attention. And digital OOH might be a prefect support for this task”.


About Screen Network
Screen Network is the leader of the Digital-Out-Of-Home market in Poland. It manages the country’s largest network (20 000 screens) in 3,600 locations, which corresponds to a 40% of polish market share. It implements real-time (online) advertising campaigns in 553 cities across Poland, as part of one integrated IT system. It’s offer, allowing the purchase of DOOH in the programmatic system through the Adform platform, is unique on the Polish market . In addition, together with Polsat Media, it offers media houses a product called Polsat Media AdScreen.  Screen Network  currently has the largest, standardized network of 50 LED City screens in Central Europe. In 2017, Screen Network received the prestigious Mixx Awards for the McDonald’s campaign in the Offline Digitizing category. In 2018, the company won another Mixx Awards in the Offline Digitizing category for the campaign for Showmax Polska and honored for the campaign for Philips Polska. Screen Network belongs to the 4Fun Media SA capital group.


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