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The First Billboards in America — April Fools!!

A Unofficial Untrue Retrospective of the 1st Modern Day American Billboard

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We thought the smoke behind the book might have been a clue of the April fools’ prank. ‘blowing smoke’ ?


The History of the 1st Billboards in America
April Fools!!


The History of the First Billboards in America’ story we did yesterday, April 1, was the 7th anniversary we posted the April Fools’ prank story.  Nothing was close to the truth about the history of billboards or Outdoor advertising was reported in the story.  Every year we debate whether we should publish it again and every year we catch some innocent soul who buys into the yarn.  We can guarantee it is the only time we will ever intentionally mislead or print what we know not to be the truth.

We take great pains to vet and suss out stories before we share them with you. We have been duped a few times. Fortunately most of the time, we foil the attempt and the story never sees the light of the screen.

Those of you who were aware of the prank, thank you for playing along and not making comments to the story. Those of you who called and sent emails asking for verification of the accuracy, thank you for being a good sport. 

We pride ourselves bringing you news and comments in a straight forward and transparent narrative. As our byline says, OOH TODAY believes all voices, not just the loudest, must be heard. 

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