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Creating Media Magic with Mobile Digital Billboard

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Creating & Executing Media Magic


By Andrea Messimer-Henley



Keeping up with the demand and competition of media outlets can be very challenging.
I was asked recently what I have done to build relationships and long-term customers.
The answer was simple. Slowdown in order to go faster.

Executives are in such a hurry to make a sale, or hit a budget, turn a proposal around so quickly that key elements are missed. If you can slow down and take the time to research the customer’s business in order to present an out of the box creative compelling strategy, that fits their needs and objectives, you win every time.

As we approach our industries largest conference the OAAA + Geopath conference + expo. hosted in Las Vegas @ Aria, May 20-22, 2019.  “Don’t let it stay in Vegas,” I felt compelled to share a recent success story which is also a great example of incorporating the Media Magic Strategy, by Las Vegas based Flo Advertising.

Mike Foland, owner of FLO Advertising, researched Keynote speakers for upcoming conferences in Las Vegas. Where he owns, operates and delivers, digital messaging on the biggest and brightest Mobile Digital Billboard truck in the world.

Through research Mike discovered that Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known serial entrepreneur, influencer and the CEO of one of the largest digital agencies in the US, was going to be the Keynote speaker at the IFA, (International Franchise Association) February 24-27th @ Mandalay Bay.

Mike quickly engaged with the VaynerMedia team. Together they were able to execute a targeted program, with bold creative content, which met all of their objectives. In addition to the LED truck exposure, the week leading up to the conference. The day of Gary’s speech, Mike also delivered an exclusive advertising campaign targeting the 17,000 people an hour who are walking the Las Vegas Strip. Brilliant!

By implementing the right strategy, at the right time, it delivered these compelling results.

Keynote Speaker + LED Truck + Social Media

5 Franchises contacted the Sasha Group with an interest in working with them.

Here is a quote from the Sasha Media Group President. “ The LED truck around the IFA event that Gary Key Noted, was a great way to help create awareness around our new brand which had launched only a month prior to the event” James Orsini President The Sasha Group, a Vayner X company.

Amazing story, and hats off to FLO Advertising for thinking outside the box, executing and proving results. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

What are some of your media mix success stories?
I would love to hear them. You can reach me at andreamessimer@gmail.com

Happy Selling!

Andrea Messimer -Henley

If you would like to reach FLO Advertising for Las Vegas ad opportunities
Please contact:

Mike Foland- CEO



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  1. Kristy Vivian says

    As much as that guy (Gary Vaynerchuk) has tanked on OOH this past year – I love that we nailed him. Great job!

  2. Rod Collins says

    Awesome program particularly scored points for working with Gary V. Followers know he favors using social media tactics. Great job Mike! See you in Vegas!

  3. mike says

    Nice work!

  4. Bill Board says

    The great Gary V Media Magic solution with FLO

  5. Bill Board says

    Turning the tables. I am not convinced Gary V is as against OOH as he says. Follow the $$

  6. Bill Board says

    Thank you for the comment Ms Vivian. I am not convinced Gary V is as against OOH as he says. Follow the $$

  7. Andrea says

    Fun project- Gary loves us. More to come. This is just the start.

  8. Bill Board says

    Any project you are involved with is fun and productive. We look forward to ‘more to come.’

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