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10 Reasons Why OOH is the Popular Medium of Choice

Why OOH as the Medium of Choice?

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Why are Billboards still Popular?

The above title was the subtext of a story by Francesca Gillett for the BBC. (A link to her story can be found at the end of our post.) In the post by Gillett, she highlights the reasons for the effectiveness of using OOH for political commentary and examination occurring in effective Outdoor Advertising campaigns which have been appearing all over the UK as of late. Gillett’s writing is testament to understanding and valuing OOH in the political arena taking place in the UK today with the Brexit fiasco.  Her talking points are for effective political messaging but as you’ll see from our summary below, they are effective for all brands’ messaging as well.  Thanks to Gillett for raising the considerations. We have recast each to equate to the effectiveness of OOH for all marketing and advertising products and categories.

Here’s OOH Today’s revisionist summary for today’s OOH popularity.
  1. Compared to Digital online, OOH does not get lost amid the noise of the internet.
  2. OOH is in the public domain much longer than the few seconds digital online ads and messages appear.
  3. In an information-rich, information-overloaded age of other media, OOH offers a relief of simplicity, consistency and omnipresence
  4. Not everyone is on social media. OOH reaches those who are not.
  5. A traditional unrelenting standard of OOH, is its advantage that most people are on the roads, on the street, or on public transportation. The saying, ‘work, shop and play.’
  6. OOH has physicality. The medium is real with bulletins, posters, shelters, transit and other OOH formats.  Billboards have greater impact.
  7. OOH is news content for other media. Put the right creative on the street, radio,TV, newspaper AND online or social media, makes it a top story.
  8.  OOH is everywhere. Reach is huge. Frequency of message is unmatched on a Cost Per Thousand basis.
  9. OOH is generally a safe place. Brands typically don’t have to worry about appearing next to inappropriate content. Unless you have a knucklehead chartist.
  10. OOH is in the public domain, it’s an open environment. It doesn’t have to be turned on.

Credit to Read her story from BBC here⇒ Led by Donkeys and Brexit Express: Why campaigners are using the humble billboard





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