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Cohoot —The Real OOH Insider Info For OOH Sales People Only

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Cohoot —The Real OOH Insider Information
For OOH Sales People Only


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …


Got Alcohol OOH Buyers in L.A.?
Cohort @Kind Optimal says he or she would greatly appreciate and provide to you a mini-keg in exchange for alcohol OOH buyer names specifically for the Los Angeles DMA. Don’t let this pass you by. Full Thread Here>>>


a message from Movia


Traveling Lightly
Anyone have any contacts for Hedonism Jamaica? The clothing-optional resort has had to make a few adjustments to its offerings during the pandemic. Full Thread Here>>>

Looking for More Intel From L.A.
Who are the winners of the lockdown and specifically, buying Los Angeles DMA OOH right now? Add your opinion. Full Thread Here>>>

Who Are The Big Spenders?
Cohort @Albatross25 is asking for a good data source for OOH spend in the U.S. (by brand + agency). What do you think? Full Thread Here>>>

One Step Further: Now for the Smaller Shops
Your estimates please: Outside of the top buying agencies (holding companies and top 10 specialists) … what do you think is the total billings of all the other agencies, for example middle market, regional, etc.? Full Thread Here>>>

What’s Going on With DoMedia?
Anyone know the status of DoMedia now?  tried to upload inventory to no avail, account still hasn’t been approved and no one from there ever responds to my emails. what gives? Full Thread Here>>>

Absolutely Ready For Sustainable Bottling
New info on Absolut: Any good contact for who is handling programmatic buying for Absolut brands? The vodka maker announced Monday it is set to release bottles made of paper, trying it out on two products, Absolut Vodka and Absolut Mixt. The trial run of the sustainable bottles will be in the UK and Sweden. A mix of roughly 50/50 paper and recyclable plastic, the bottles can be recycled when empty. Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help with This Question?
Would be grateful if anyone has the contact for Burlington, midwest (Illinois) area. Full Thread Here>>>

Want an invite to Cohoot?
For salespeople working at OOH owners. If you want to check your eligibility, go to Cohoot.com and see if your work email will unlock one of our reserved invites.

Or contact Bill at BillBoard@OOHToday.com and he may provide you with an invite code


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