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Clear Channel Outdoor Set for Spin-Off

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Spin-Off of Outdoor Advertising Business

Not a big surprise is this headline from ‘billboard,‘ the magazine, read the article here⇒

iHeartMedia Sets Plan for Spin-Off of Outdoor Advertising Business’


radio has little common ground with #OOH.

iHeart, owns and operates 858 radio stations in 150 markets, says radio has little common ground with #OOH. Another opinion supporting our viewpoint and prediction, OOH and broadcast do not work well together under one company.  Is any one but Global in the UK, standing their ground opposing that point?





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  1. John Mulholland says

    Radio and OOH don’t work well together because they don’t sell them as a partnership. Being a broadcast major and in OOH for over 25 years I have come up with several ideas how these two medias and complement and compliment each other. It’s not an advertising war…..It should be a partnership. I my advertising seminars I teach do THREE different mediums at THREE different times.

  2. Bill Board says

    We will be watching Global with great anticipation of their newly created ‘partnership’ of OOH and Radio.
    Perhaps UK is in your travel/career plans Mr. Mulholland? Thank you for your comments

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