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City Media Expands Outdoor Network in Miami

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City Media Advertising Expands Its Impactful Outdoor Media Network, Connecting Brands to Millions in Miami’s Thriving Port and Transit Areas

Miami, FL – City Media Advertising, Miami’s premier outdoor media company since 2015, has announced a significant expansion of its advertising network, establishing new partnerships with major Miami attractions including the Miami Children’s Museum, Miami Science Museum, Zoo Miami, and the acclaimed Little Prince Show. With a deal also in the works to represent one of Miami’s largest and finest shopping destinations, City Media Advertising solidifies its position as a leader in harnessing the vibrant transit areas of the cruise capital of the world to amplify brand visibility.

As the exclusive advertising vendor within the municipal parking garages of Miami Dade County at Port Miami, City Media Advertising has innovatively utilized these strategic locations to create impactful advertising spaces. With visibility across the bustling terminals of Port Miami, which welcome over 8 million visitors annually, brands gain unparalleled exposure to a diverse and dynamic audience.

“Our unique outdoor media solutions are tailored to make a lasting impression on the millions who transit through Miami’s key destinations,” said Hugues Morcillo, CEO of City Media Advertising. “From captivating signs at street level to immersive experiences in elevator lobbies and cars, we ensure our clients’ messages resonate with their audience.”

As one of the rare outdoor media companies in the USA to leverage the audience of Cruise Port’s visitors, City Media Advertising offers its clients an opportunity to shine in some of the most high-traffic locations in the city. The company’s strategic placements of advertising materials are not just about visibility – they are about creating a narrative that accompanies the visitor on their journey, whether they are arriving by sea, parking their vehicle, or waiting for an elevator.

The new contracts with leading Miami institutions are set to broaden the reach of City Media Advertising’s clients even further. The Miami Children’s Museum and Miami Science Museum bring in families and educational groups, Zoo Miami attracts nature and animal enthusiasts, while the Little Prince Show and the soon-to-be-announced mall cater to culturally savvy and upscale shopping demographics.

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“With every strategically placed advertisement, we’re not just reaching eyes; we’re engaging minds and creating connections,” added Hugues Morcillo. “Our work with the City of Miami, Miami Beach, and Jackson Memorial Hospital has already proven our ability to deliver results, and with these new partnerships, we are poised to set a new benchmark in outdoor advertising.”

City Media Advertising’s innovative approach is shaping the future of outdoor media, offering advertisers a unique canvas to craft compelling narratives in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

For more information on how City Media Advertising transforms outdoor advertising in Miami, visit citymediaadvertising.com

About City Media Advertising
Established in 2015, City Media Advertising is Miami’s leading outdoor media company, offering unparalleled advertising opportunities across Port Miami and other high-value locations like Downtown Miami, Metrorail stations, Miami Beach. With a commitment to innovation and impact, City Media Advertising helps brands connect with millions of visitors and residents in Miami’s most visited destinations.

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