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Choice Media Purchases Signly

Software So Good, The OOH Company Bought Them

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Choice Media purchases Signly
Billboard Proposal company

Software So Good, The OOH Company Bought Them

Signly billboard software company solved a problem for Choice Media and now Choice Media has purchased this billboard proposal company.

Brad Tooley

Up until 18 months ago, Choice Media put together billboard proposals in a random fashion that included attachments for photo/rate sheets along with lots of explanations.  “Then we discovered Signly and our billboard proposals for customers went from random to professional overnight,” said Brad Tooley, CEO of Choice Media, headquartered in Amarillo, Texas.

“Signly was a simple and inexpensive solution for our associates to make professional billboard presentations,” Tooley said.  “It is also a great tool for managing our inventory and creating avails lists for all our associates, real time.”

Michael Spencer, Signly founder, helped Choice Media place hundreds of conventional and digital billboards in a data base within two weeks.  “Then our folks simply went to Signly and clicked available inventory in areas needed by potential customers.

“In just 5 minutes we are able to send out a professional presentation with the logo of our customer, a map showing billboards, photo and rate sheets attached,” Tooley explained.  “With another click our customer can drill down to a drive-by on Google earth!”

Soon Choice Media sales reps were spending must less time preparing sales presentation, but making more and larger sales.

Spencer said he worked to solve a common billboard problem when he designed Signly. “I invented Signly after talking to billboard sales people about the way they were making billboard proposals,” Spencer said. “Sometimes it was taking them two hours and I made it where a nice presentation was doable in 3 minutes.”

When Spencer called Tooley and told him that another venture was taking his attention, Tooley approached Spencer about possibly purchasing the company. Last month Choice Media completed the transaction. In that transaction, they picked up the business of a few other companies using Signly software.

The Signly founder said the sale to Choice was a good fit. “The folks at Choice Media are an absolute delight to work with,” he said. “They have the same vision for my product like I did.”

Tooley added, “We want to make a couple of tweaks to Signly and then will begin to offer it to other billboard companies at a very reasonable monthly fee.” Choice is looking into the option of combining Signly with a simple CRM software, but this is months down the road.

Companies interested in the Signly billboard presentation software can contact Tooley or Kent Hilton at 806-352-6585. Email is brad@choicemediatx.com.

Choice Media is an independent billboard company started with nine billboard displays in 1992. Choice Media and its sister billboard companies of Swift Outdoor headquartered in Waco, Texas and Dynamic Outdoor in Lubbock, Texas, have almost 1,000 billboard displays across Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

For more information Contact Brad Tooley, owner  806-678-6585




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