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Charlatans and the Genuine Article — ‘I Love OOH’

Two Videos Tell the Tale

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‘I Love OOH’

Charlatans and the Genuine Article 


This is been grinding my backside for nearly a year now. It started with Covid, which brought out the hucksters and the crazies. There are so many imposters in the Out of Home space, claiming to be experts and qualified consultants in the Outdoor Industry, who believe if they say it enough times and in the correct social media channels, ‘I Love OOH’, that they are somehow legitimate. I don’t know which is worse, the fraudsters or the ones knowingly participating and thus aiding the fraud.  Well, we are calling bullshit. 

Here’s a brief video which depicts how some people are taken in by the impersonators. 


If you’re in the business and you’re going to say it, ‘I Love OOH’ you better know OOH. If you’re saying it and you don’t know the business, then get yourself a coffee mug or hat and t-shirt which says it (so we can easily identify you) and stay on the sidelines until you’ve earned it.  

For the real professional, look at the pedigree, the experience (LinkedIn is a start) and the website. There, that’s out of the way. While we aren’t quite ready to name the names of the charlatans, we are ready to name Altermark as the genuine article. Read on to their video below. 

Here’s Altermark (20 years in the business!) putting their expertise to reality.  They know OOH!

I don’t know about you, but I want to know how they did this; in major markets all over the world. Obviously, solid experience and ‘know how’ for starters. Wonderful campaign! 

Kudos Claudia B. Damas!  How do you say Kudos in Spanish?  



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  1. Christopher Quirin says

    Changing the mindset of thise who “I Love OOH” will be difficult. Some experts believe that they know everything about OOH. But do they understand the client. Will they deliver the appropriate solution or continue to push out cookie cutter solutions. Media is a 360 degree solution and gaining share of business requires the seller/ expert to ask the right questions to the right person#myopinionj

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Chris, I could not agree more, with the caveat: real experts, know, what it is, they don’t know. They continue learning and typically if they put in the years of successful work, they are very attuned to client’s needs or they would be out on their ears. Love the comments. Thank you!

  3. Jeff says

    Way too many frauds giving the industry a bad name…no wonder sales people usually get the title used car salesman. Some others out there believe they are the creator of I love ooh, they should do some research and pay their dues and respect before they print new tees! Applause to you Bill for calling it as it is and keeping it real!

  4. Sean K says

    These ooh industry “experts” need to stfu. OOH isn’t solving the world’s problems or making strides in medical field, it’s a job to make money, plain and simple. Get off your high horse Mr/Mrs I love ooh, print a new beanie to try to stay relevant in the industry with your group of wannabes or move on to the next and stop giving us a bad name. Thanks for starting this conversation that’s been needed! Do research to find who the real experts are that earned their seat at the table.

  5. No Fear No Favor says

    thank you Sean for your support. Not sure what stfu means. We have had it to our eyeballs with the hucksters in the Industry.

  6. No Fear No Favor says

    Thank you Jeff for your comments and support. You are correct, ‘I love OOH’ has been out there for a long time, since my days in 1980. We had t’s and hats and visors printed then by Outfront, which back then was known as Gannett. Of course it was not OOH then, it was ‘I love billboards’. Just another example of the Hucksters misleading claiming it was a recent creation and the impressionable newbies buying into the bullshit. I guess it looks good on a resume to someone who does not check references.

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