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What Billups knows about Millennials in OOH

Reaching Millennials

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Working with a tough prospect trying to convince them of the effectiveness of reaching Millennials with OOH?  Billups provides well thought and logical post to assist you.

Read the post by Billups ⇒ Millennials & Urbanization Is Complicated  OOH Makes It Simple.

Summarizing Billups points from the article:

  1. Millennials Don’t Fit in One Bucket
  2. Urbanization Is About Different Lifestyles & Markets.
  3. People Are More Mobile Than Ever
  4. Reaching Millennials requires a blend of good audience strategy and OOH

We encourage you to leave our site, for just a moment, and read the Billups post.
It explains the importance of strategically placing your campaign locations using the correct OOH format and why any millennial campaign should include out-of-home. 

Millennials are changing society and culture. What has not changed, is the importance of placing an ad message in the right place,  “and the best place to do that is with out-of-home.”

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