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Kalewings on the OOH Wall

Campaign by roots3experiential, Exverus Media and Humanaut

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Suja, who makes ‘juice without the junk’ (including Organic Kombucha, something my youngest child drinks for the life of me I do not know what it is), Suja, ‘took over’ an OOH wall on Melrose and Sweetzer in       Los Angeles, and put plants on it.   A campaign by Humanaut roots3experiential and Exverus Media.  The plan, with the wall ground level, to encourage social media photos in front of the ‘kalewings’.

The message, “don’t miss your chance to take a picture with at the Suja x TreePeople wall. Tag #kalewings— for every 10 tags, Suja will team up with @treepeoplela to plant a tree in LA! ”

Just what the OOH Industry needs, more trees in LA.  OOH irony.

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Don’t miss all the photos below.⇓


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