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Billboard is the Catalyst to Extended College Football Playoff

Fans buy billboard ad, ask Alabama if it wants to play UCF

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It all started with this billboard. (📷 by @travisreier)

University of Central Florida (UCF) fans bought a billboard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, congratulating the University of Alabama for winning the national championship on Monday. Then the zinger, asking if the Crimson Tide would like to play their team. Thirty-seven fans of UCF raised $1,665 on a GoFundMe page to pay for a digital billboard ad that reads, “Congratulations Alabama. How about a home & home series with UCF?”

You see, UCF is very unhappy as an undefeated 12 and 0 team this season. They did not have an opportunity to compete for the College Football Playoff National Championship. The billboard has rekindled the firestorm discussions of teams left out of the college football playoffs. That is the Impact of Outdoor Advertising. This year, the argument seems more heated and more legitimate. Click here – UCF Athleteic Director makes a good case.

The billboard challenging Alabama, pictured above, precipitated the renewed discussion.

Interestingly, the original idea was to place a billboard in Atlanta, where the national championship game was held Monday. The group, however, missed deadlines,so they changed the plan and purchased space near the University of Alabama. Too bad in some respect. Think of the missed media opportunity of a billboard strategically placed in the Atlanta, especially on game day. 

  The average viewer impressions of a billboard in Atlanta vs Tuscaloosa, would be very similar to a final score of an Alabama vs UCF Football game, not even close.

Here is the full story from ESPN

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