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Atlanta —Market Spotlight


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Geopath Market Spotlight — Atlanta DMA

GeekOUT Fast Fact Friday


Marketing Coordinator at  Geopath



OOH advertising spend data for Q1 of 2021 was just released by Kantar, and the Geopath team has compiled this data into a new spending report released in the GeekOUT Library. Additionally, the Geopath team recently released infographics for all 200+ DMA across the country, providing further insights for each market.

For today’s GeekOUT Fast Fact, let’s take a look into some of these datapoints and check out the tenth largest DMA in the country, Atlanta.

First, let’s take a look at who is spending in OOH within the DMA for Q1 of 2021. See below for the top spenders for January through March of this year.

To start, it’s interesting to note that the Georgia State Lottery holds the first position of the top ten OOH spender list. According to previous spending reports compiled by Geopath for 2020, Comcast was the top OOH spender for quarters two through four, with the Georgia State Lottery in the second position during this period. Additionally, in terms of OOH spend for the full year, Comcast and Georgia State Lottery were first and second, respectively (see the infographic below for the complete list). Although both organizations swapped spots, their consistency in remaining the top two OOH spenders across multiple quarters indicates their shared goals of utilizing OOH within the Atlanta market.

When it comes to other industries and companies within the top ten OOH spenders, the insurance, financial, and real estate industries all have representation as well during Q1. Looking at the advertising spend data from 2020, seven of the ten top OOH spenders from 2020 spent enough to remain on the list into this year!

With a population of over 7.2 million, and 50% of all commuting trips within the DMA taking 30 minutes or more, it shouldn’t be surprising advertisers are continuing to take advantage of OOH to reach these audiences while they move about their days throughout Atlanta. Additionally, during April, mobility data indicated that average daily miles traveled for those within the DMA was nearly equal to metrics during the same period of 2019! As people return to normal activities post COVID, OOH is poised to be the perfect advertising medium within Atlanta to engage with a variety of different audiences.

For more insights on the Atlanta DMA, please see below for the new 2021 DMA infographic. DMA infographics for all 210 markets across the country are available to Geopath members within the GeekOUT library.

These OOH spending reports and DMA Infographics can be accessed by members within the GeekOUT Library by using their current Geopath credentials.      

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