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As Demand for Programmatic DOOH is set for Explosive Growth —Hivestack Expands to Latin America

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Global Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home Leader Hivestack Expands to Latin America 


Hivestack drives strategic expansion in Latin America with multiple partners on the supply side, as demand for programmatic digital out-of-home is set for explosive growth.


Guadalajara, Mexico, Montreal, Canada  – Hivestack, the leading global programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company today announced that they are expanding sales and operations to several countries in Latin America including; Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama and Mexico.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, programmatic advertising has been on a meteoric rise in Latin America. In 2020, it is estimated that 63% of all digital ad spend will be transacted programmatically across LATAM markets. Yet, at the same time, less than 2% of Latin America DOOH buys are being transacted programmatically. This imbalance introduces an incredible growth opportunity for programmatic DOOH in Latin America.




Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO of Hivestack commented “While programmatic advertising is skyrocketing in Latin America, programmatic DOOH is just getting started. Today, only a small fraction of buys are bought using programmatic technology. Hivestack brings transformation by providing LATAM buyers with new capabilities such as a demand-side platform (DSP) that can bid on OOH impressions using familiar RTB methods, behavioral targeting capabilities derived from consumer movement data and attribution models that link business outcomes to programmatic DOOH advertising exposure.”

On the sell-side, Hivestack helps LATAM publishers monetize DOOH inventory programmatically with CPM pricing via private marketplace setups or by propagating bid requests on the open marketplace. Both can be purchased programmatically by agencies using the Hivestack DSP or supported omni-channel DSPs.

Hivestack’s supply-side footprint in Mexico includes screens from some of the largest OOH publishers such as Postermedia, Grupo Vallas, ViaVerde, and OLA MEDIA, Uber Mexico’s exclusive in-ride advertising partner. Mexican brands can target hard-to-reach, on-the-go consumers at multiple touch-points throughout their daily journey by programmatically activating screens from these Hivestack-integrated publishers. These screens are located on public highways, roads, street furniture, transit, shopping malls, and in-ride entertainment across major cities such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Leon and others, thus reaching millions of consumers daily.

Hivestack’s partnerships extend to eight countries in Latin and Central America, and is already successfully bringing demand to Latin American publishers with two programmatic campaigns set to run in December.

As part of the expansion, Hivestack has opened an office in Guadalajara, a leading technology hub in Mexico.

Hivestack is the leading global, full stack, digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad tech company. DOOH media owners use Hivestack’s Supply-Side Platform & Ad Exchange to attract programmatic revenue. DOOH media owners can also use Hivestack’s Ad Server to power audience-based, directly sold campaigns. 

Hivestack is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and has global operations in Toronto, Tokyo, London, New York, Mexico City, Sydney and Guadalajara.

Please visit https://www.hivestack.com


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  1. Jeff joaquin says

    First off, I like the idea of what programmatic scale and revenue can mean for the industry and my company. I like that is is as modern and future looking as OOH was represented in the movie “Minority Report”. I like that it is based on buying impressions and that can help democratize the buying of OOH.

    My issues are the same as, Clara Peller declared in the 1984 Wendy’s commercial…”Where’s the Beef?”
    The marketing slogans of “we are seeing explosive growth”, or “we are growing Exponentially every year”, are probably true, however…growth off a small number is still a small number. “Where’s the Beef.” “Show me the Money”…what are the overall reported programmatic revenue numbers year over year by top 20 markets? When will programmatic be expected to account for 10 to 20% of total OOH revenue?

    Contracting OOH still largely seems to come down to a beauty contest of photos, sales-sheets and filling out spreadsheets. The OOH specialist care about impressions, but perhaps more about how a unit looks in a photo and WHERE it is located. Old school for sure, but it does work.

    Outdoor is in the public space and sometimes has warts that can impact the read of a unit. OOH is not a mobile screen, computer screen, or TV screen. OOH not ubiquitous like other screens.

    In short, I want programmatic to be successful and I hope being over hyped doesn’t hurt it’s actual growth trajectory.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    “Where’s the Beef.” “Show me the Money”…what are the overall reported programmatic revenue numbers year over year by top 20 markets?
    Great comments Mr. Joaquin. Thank you

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