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Appraising the Value of Truck-side Mobile Billboards + Mobile Retargeting

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Strike Gold with Truck-side Mobile Billboards + Mobile Retargeting


With the click of a button, things like texting friends and shopping for groceries has never been easier. It comes as no surprise that mobile technology has evolved from simply a calling device to an extension of who we are. Currently, there are 272.6 million smartphone users in America who are spending roughly 5.4 hours a day using their phones, which is a 9-minute increase from last year. This means that roughly 272.6 million users are walking around with a personal advertising platform on them at all times — waiting to be targeted by a mobile ad.

Although beneficial when used by itself, mobile advertising can become even more effective by combining it with out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

With everyone staying home more nowadays, one of the best ways that OOH can reach consumers is with moving media, which can gain exposure in hard-to-reach residential and suburban areas. By pairing truck-side mobile billboards with mobile devices, retargeting is extremely impactful — especially with constantly shifting consumer behavior.

When big, bold, and possibly even 3D creative that’s wrapped around delivery trucks are coupled with ads that fit on small screens, brands generate a hyper-local market reach, higher conversions, and better campaign results.

A Neilsen study reported that 66% of mobile users took some sort of action on their device in response to seeing an OOH ad — such as using online search to find an advertiser, visiting an advertiser’s website, accessing a coupon code, or downloading an app. This number significantly increases when brands integrate OOH with mobile advertising in their media mix. Another astonishing statistic comes from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), which found that adding OOH to a mobile campaign increases campaign reach by a whopping 316%.

Now, with the emergence of onboard GPS and Beacon tracking technology, the lasting impressions made by larger-than-life truck-side billboards can also be re-targeted on mobile devices. Leveraging real-time data on campaign’s including their location, demographic, gender, device type, and buying behavior — and with the use of mobile extension programs — you can prompt ads on devices based on their compatibility with your audience criteria.

So how exactly are brands using these two mediums together? One popular method is through Truck-side Advertising and Mobile Device Retargeting. Movia’s data-driven outdoor advertising solution, demonstrates perfectly how truck-side advertising and mobile device retargeting can work together to create something special. Once the trucks are wrapped and on the road, Movia uses beacon technology to pick up Wi-Fi signals that count as an impression. You can then use this data to strategically plan campaign routes and specific target demographics. Retargeting can then be used to send messages back to those devices that have come into contact or have engaged with your mobile billboard.

When working with Modsy, an interior design company, Movia tracked and retargeted consumers leading to 1.2 million online impressions and a 14% higher online click-through rate, which resulted in both consumer engagement and brand awareness. This game-changing ability to detect, track, and build mobile audiences is just not available through traditional cookies, which is why brands like Modsy are using it.OOH displays help lay a foundation, build brand awareness, and increase the effectiveness of digital ads. When a user sees your advertisement for the second time through a device, this creates a lasting impact. Although powerful alone, truck-side OOH and mobile are even more powerful when they work together — a hybrid strategy that’s simply unparalleled in terms of experience, reach, and personalization.

A message from Movia Media


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