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All “Signs” Point to a Fabulous Holiday Season

Kym Frank on Winter Holiday Forecast

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All “Signs” Point to a Fabulous Holiday Season


by Kym Frank Global CxO of Intermx,

For many of us, our social media feeds were full of costumed children (and in many cases, adults) celebrating Halloween this past weekend. A welcome sight following last year’s festivities overshadowed by the pandemic!

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), approximately 65% of Americans planned to celebrate Halloween 2021. This is very close to the 68% reported in 2019.

In fact, the NRF projected that Halloween spending would come in with a record high of more than $10B in 2021, exceeding 2019 spend by approximately 16%

Intermx analyzed ten of the nation’s top Haunted Houses and found that visitation in 2021 was up on average 57% versus 2019 for the first four weeks of October.

Intermx is tracking how the population is moving around the United States and found that Americans traveled 22.5 miles daily in October 2019. October 2021 (10/1-10/24) is averaging around 23.8, an increase of 6%.Americans’ increasing appetite for celebrating what fall has to offer will undoubtedly stretch into the winter holidays and hopefully a prosperous New Year.

The NRF’s Winter Holiday Forecast is already predicting the “Highest Holiday Retail Sales on Record.”

PWC’s Holiday Outlook 2021 predicts that consumers will spend $1,447 on average this holiday season, up 13% versus pre-pandemic 2019. Consumers also plan to shop more locally, with 56% saying they will buy more from local and independent stores than they did in the past.More than half of the respondents polled by PWC say that they plan to travel this year. 72% plan to travel by car and 40% plan to travel by air over the holidays.Americans are optimistic about the 2021 holidays – which translates to an optimistic outlook for the OOH industry and its advertising partners.

About Intermx
Founded in 2017, Intermx provides “everywhere intelligence” to partners in advertising, government, tourism, transportation engineering, and retail. Powered by geospatial technology authorities, data scientists, engineers, and experts in UX, Intermx delivers human mobility insights via its data enablement platform. Their proprietary solutions provide historical, real-time, normative, and predictive information about population movement while preserving consumer privacy.

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