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Alex Kim —What’s on your phone?

Phone Life

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Phone Life

Alex Kim CPO, Chief Partnerships Officer
What’s on your phone?

Alex Kim

Chief Partnership Officer, Blue Bite, shares his phone life.




What is the app you use the most?

Favorite Instagram photo filter?
Not a filter, but I love using the Vignette Tool​

How many LinkedIn connections?

Person you FaceTime the most?

Your Favorite Emoji?
Heart emoji​

 Most insane place you left your phone behind?
On an Amtrak train just before a major agency meeting in Boston…by the time I’d located it, the Amtrak attendant informed me that the phone was recovered and had taken a nice trip back from Washington DC.

Alarm settings?
No alarms; I rise with my Son or the other Sun.​

Number of contacts in your phone?
​yikes… I don’t even want to know!

Am I in it?
Let me get back to you on that Bill.

Favorite podcast?
I have so many favorites but if I had to choose the one that I’ve listened to longest and most frequent​; it’d be The Tim Ferriss Show. Reply All is a strong 2nd.

App you wish were invented?
One that listed open barbers within my proximity so I can book and walk right in​

Unsettling auto-correct blunder 
I’m an avid amateur photographer and recently ripped a ton of photos for a friend’s wedding… Texting back & forth, I’d responded, “Love you guys! Still chopping thru photos…I took 1200+ shits…” To where said friend responded, “Damn son. Hope it wasn’t the food at our wedding

Funniest Text message received?
​I’m pretty bad with SMS but I’ve received a random selfie or two from strangers in my lifetime.

“​Most-unexpected app you use often?
I’m terrible at creating long-lasting habits but I’m surprised and dependent on Insight Timer, a meditation app. I’ve been using it consistently since 2011 and clocked 200+ hrs on it. ​

Are there times you stay off your phone ?
Weekends; unless it rings, I don’t touch it. ​

At what battery percentage do you feel you must charge your phone?
17% gets me going​

Home Screen?
My Son


This is the first in a regular feature we hope you have fun reading.  It is a near exact format as from The Wall Street Journal Magazine. OOH Today features women and men who define Outdoor Advertising adding a personal dimension.  Relationships are still an important part of OOH and is an Industry where the people behind the company, are as important as the company itself. An opportunity to know more.



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