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The Volvo Tech Drive- Riding NYC with Outfront Media

Billboard of the Future and the 'Brightest Person In the Room

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Cheddar video

Outfront Media’s ‘brightest person in the room’ and Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Sriubas, takes to the road for a video ‘driving interview’ with Kristen Scholer, of Cheddar.  In Cheddar’s news segment called, Volvo Tech Drive.  Cheddar is a live Post-Cable Network. 

I refer to Sriubas as the brightest guy in the room, because every single Outfront Media employee I have ever spoken too, and that is dozens, shower high praise on Sriubas. Without exception, the general consensus among Outfront staffers, reference him as, ‘the smartest person in the room’.

I look forward to meeting Sriubas for our own one on one recorded ride; It’s the Dodge Grand Caravan OOH Today White Knuckled Here Hold My iPhone and Record Yourself While I Drive.

Seriously, for now, we are sharing Cheddar’s video of the Volvo sponsored interview with Andy Sriubas’s .

Riding in a Volvo XC 60, with Cheddar Lead Anchor and Host, Kristen Scholer and OUTFRONT Media’s Chief Commercial Officer, provides a look at innovation changing the OOH landscape. The interview is fun and worth the watch. There was not one reference to any iPad screens to be installed for the NYC Transit build out.  Well done, Andy Sriubas.

See the Cheddar intro and click the video, below.

Tech Drive: How Outfront Media Is Driving Outdoor Advertising Into A Digital Future

Cheddar March 21, 2018

Billboards and bus ads largely look the same today as they did decades ago, but thanks to evolving technology, that is beginning to change. In this week’s Volvo Tech Drive we caught up with Andy Sriubas-  Click for the 6:40 second video⇒ Sriubas Cheddar Video



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