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Advertising’s Future: Next-Gen 3D Billboards

From Hangzhou to New York City, experience the magic of 3DAnamorphic Artistry as The Mill redefines Out of Home advertising.

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Advertising’s Bold Future: The Mill’s Next-Gen 3D Billboards Captivate Audiences Globally

LOS ANGELES and LONDON, — In an era where conventional advertising is constantly being reinvented, The Mill has redefined Out of Home advertising, unveiling its cutting-edge 3D Billboard capabilities. Bringing brands to life in unparalleled dimensions, the showcased reel, featuring industry stalwarts like Samsung, Jeep, Amazon, Glenfiddich and HBO, epitomizes The Mill’s prowess in the realm of 3D Anamorphic Artistry.

“With an evident surge in demand for immersive 3D Billboard projects, we stand ready to be the prime partner for brands pursuing content that doesn’t just tell a story, but quite literally pulls audiences into it,” remarked Mark Benson, President of The Mill. “From summoning larger-than-life characters into our very reality to captivating global audiences from Hangzhou to New York City, we’re transforming billboards one perspective at a time.”

Diving Deeper into The Mill’s 3D Billboard Initiative:

  • Redefining Out of Home: The Mill is at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Out of Home advertising, by introducing the magic of 3D Anamorphic Artistry.
  • Worldwide Engagement: With projects spanning continents, from the bustling streets of Hangzhou, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong to the iconic skylines of Seoul, New York City, and London, The Mill’s 3D billboards have become a global sensation.
  • Bespoke Solutions for Brands: The Mill’s comprehensive toolkit and collaborative spirit ensure every brand gets a tailored approach. Whether it’s elevating existing campaigns or conceptualizing unique visuals, The Mill has the expertise to dazzle on any screen.
  • Boosted Returns and Recall: Incorporating 3D billboards translates to a tangible rise in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for brands. Their immersive nature ensures heightened audience recall, with participants able to recall at least one 3D billboard ad with astonishing consistency.
  • A Tapestry of Art and Technology: Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge tech with vivid imaginations, The Mill crafts experiences that not only engage but linger long after.

As The Mill continues to pioneer and reshape the landscape of Out of Home advertising, its 3D Billboard capabilities cement its position as a game-changer in crafting memorable consumer experiences.

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