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A New Planning Platform to Explore OOH Audience Behaviors, Demos and Location

OOH Advertising Solution Gives Brands Insights Across CCO Inventory

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Clear Channel Outdoor Introduces CCO RADARView™ :
A Dynamic Campaign Planning 
Platform Allowing Advertisers to Visually Explore it’s OutofHome Media Mapped to Audience Behaviors, Demos and Location

Clear Channel Outdoor introduces RADARView™ as Beta Release for OOH campaign planning.      
See the official press release below.

Advanced OOH Advertising Solution Gives Brands Insights for Optimal Campaign Planning

May 3, 2018
New York, New York – Clear Channel Outdoor Americas (CCOA) (NYSE: CCO), a subsidiary
of iHeartMedia Inc., today introduced RADARView™, a significant evolution of its Clear Channel
Outdoor RADAR suite of Out-of-Home (OOH) advanced advertising solutions. CCO
RADARView™ is a sophisticated visualization platform that gives advertisers the power to
optimize their OOH campaigns by entering campaign specific information like demographics,
audience segments or locations to reach consumers along the pathways most traveled.

CCO RADARView™ bolsters the company’s suite of solutions through aggregated and
anonymized data, secured through consent, and directly from persistent apps running on one in
four mobile devices. Additionally, this leverages mobile and digital data used today across the
ad ecosystem offering advertisers an easier way to unlock the value of OOH using the same
approach from the digital world but applied to the physical world’s largest screens.


This new online platform was developed in collaboration with Ubimo, a location intelligence
company. Ubimo’s Polaris technology, which powers RADARView™, delivers hundreds of
behavioral audience segments, with no personally identifiable information, to help brands
engage with their niche consumers as they explore planning their campaigns while maximizing
their return on ad spend across all CCO’s roadside and pedestrian inventory. This includes the
flexibility for advertisers to choose from among the broad range of consumer segments preidentified
in RADARView™, or, to work with CCO to build custom audiences based on the
brand’s specific business needs.

With CCO RADARView™, marketers can become their own mini-data scientists by better
understanding where to invest their marketing spend with precision to achieve maximum
engagement with their desired audiences. Brands can work in partnership with their CCO sales
agent to use these insights to create campaigns that reach the right consumers with the right
message and can inform their strategy with a range of proven approaches, including; store
proximity, demographics, behavior and/or OOH media type.

Moreover, CCO RADARView™ complements GeoPath’s OOH foundational currency for
audience impressions and market demographics with behavioral data that can be used for
campaign planning and insights.

“Nearly two years ago, we gave the billboard a brain when we layered mobile insights from the digital world against the juxtaposition of our media in the physical world to understand audience travel patterns along the path to purchase,” said Scott Wells,

“Nearly two years ago, we gave the billboard a brain when we layered mobile insights from the
digital world against the juxtaposition of our media in the physical world to understand audience
travel patterns along the path to purchase,” said Scott Wells, CEO, Clear Channel Outdoor.

“CCO RADARView™ further demystifies OOH campaign planning for advertisers and sets the
stage for them to overlay their own audience behavioral data against our media in an unskippable,
fraud-free and brand safe format. We look forward to sharing this beta release with
our valued clients and integrating their feedback as we continue optimizing this tool for future

“Working with CCO’s team presented a unique opportunity for us to push the boundaries of
what’s possible with location intelligence. Together we’ve managed to develop one the of the
most innovative use cases for leveraging location data to understand consumer behavior in the
real world and generate actionable insights,” says Ran Ben Yair, CEO, Ubimo.

Today, CCO RADARView’s integration of Ubimo’s persistent mobile data, increases CCO
advertisers’ access to actionable insights from 1 out of 4 US mobile consumers – more than
ever before–and with even more functionality and speed.

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., (NYSE: CCO) is one of the world’s largest outdoor
advertising companies, with more than 650,000 displays in over 35 countries across five
continents, including 43 of the 50 largest markets in the United States.


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