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Nick Coston Pledges Money Where His Mind Is

Local OOH Reps Belong at Annual Conferences and Nick will Pay

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In a recent LinkedIn post Nick Coston writes:

As I begin packing for 4 days for #GO2018 in Austin, that’s 28 days of clothes in dog years for me, I want to reiterate how serious I was about the big OOH companies inviting their well-deserving, local ad reps with them. So serious that for next year, I will select one, outstanding local OOH rep to attend the whole convention, & will pay in full for their expenses. They will be my guest, sort of an OOH scholarship. Free/gratis, zilch cost, no charge, a true reward for a job well done. #bemyguest2019


Nick Coston, Private OOH Planner, Buyer & Industry Consultant/Counselor, has made a generous pledge  via LinkedIn.  The offer, posted in its entirety above, is a full ‘ride scholarship’ for an outstanding local OOH rep to attend the next OOH Convention in 2019. Nick writes that he will pay in full for expenses as his guest.  Nick is a generous person obviously and he is putting his money where his mind is and that is for the greater good of Outdoor Advertising. 

Many times over the 25 plus years of attending the premier OOH convention event, i wondered why ‘the people who might benefit the most’ are not in attendance.  From an educational, motivational and networking perspective, every Conference attended has rekindled the fire in the belly for OOH. Some years more than others, but always stoked upon returning to the office.   

We understand the expense may be a concern for OOH Owners. But come on, if Nick can cough up for one deserving person, why doesn’t the Big 3, 4 and 5, bring a proportionate number of local sales reps compareable to their revenues? Even if it were just one rep per market, that is a start.

The story told, by those ‘who know’, responding to reasons for leaving sales reps ‘back home’ are:
1. the dollars, 2. employee defection and 3. the responsibility lies with managers who attend, to bring back a full report, sharing the details of the events and speakers. How many times has that happened?

We agree with Nick.  Attendance would be equally beneficial to both the local sales reps and the rest of the attendees who will gain insights from them as well.

A noble commitment Nick Coston.  We salute your pledge

A noble commitment Nick Coston.  We salute your pledge to the Industry and to the OOH people, as OOH Today refers to, as ‘the people in the trenches’. The one’s who don’t receive the opportunities or recognition, though as fully committed to Out of Home, as the ones who do.

Nick Coston LinkedIn profile



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  1. Jean-Paul S Gedeon says

    Very generous ! We shall be there to witness 🙂

  2. Andrea Messimer Henley says

    Nick- the world needs more people like you- I can’t wait to see who wins this generous offer.

  3. Sean says

    That’s simply outstanding idea for so many reasons.

  4. Katherine Albert says

    I agree with everything you said. I have never understood why there are not more sales reps in attendance. Such a great opportunity to learn and meet so many diverse people in the industry. I hope someone takes you up on your offer!

  5. Bill Board says

    Katherine, thank you for your comment. It seems the people who ‘need it most’ would be the ones who should be attending.

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