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100 Venture-Backed Brands Say Yes to Outfront Media

Jodi Senese, the Value OOH Brings to Venture Brands

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Outfront Media shared they had secured Out of Home advertising business with 100 venture-backed advertisers in 2017.  That is one hell of a feat.  Imagine, what a great video montage that would make as a promotional piece.

Read the announcement below.

Outfront Media boosts OOH campaigns

Outfront Media, announced it successfully launched OOH campaigns with 100 venture-backed brands in 2017, a 30 percent increase from 2016. The company ran campaigns with TodayTix, WeWork, Oscar, MakeSpace, Casper, Rent The Runway, Bumble, and more.

TodayTix, an international ticketing service, ran a DOOH campaign with Outfront Media in the subway and trains in NYC. In Port Authority Station, the company completely took over the hallway to present “bite size messages,” according to Sarah Bidnick, vice president of marketing at TodayTix.

“Out-of-home advertising continues to be a valuable platform for all brands looking to build awareness and make a splash, and the tremendous growth in interest from startups and the broader tech community is a testament to the value these companies are seeing as a result of their campaigns,” Jodi Senese, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Outfront, said in the release. “Outfront’s work with 100 venture-backed brands in 2017 is reflective of this trend. We will continue to educate the market about the benefits of using OOH to reach coveted on-the-go audiences.”


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