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You know the News —Douglas and Trump —Have you seen the OOH?

On The Streets of OOH, Today

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OK, everyone has heard the news and knows the outcome of the Senate vote on President Donald Trump and the passing of actor Kirk Douglas at 103 years old.

Have you seen these designs or anything similar, in your markets? 

Adam Owen shared these creative pieces with us and I suspect he would be happy to share with you.  Adam has submitted a caveat for the ‘Acquitted’ work saying,

“This one might ruffle a few feathers.  BUT this may not be your cup of tea either. LOL”


What is effective about this Trump design/photo? No words are necessary. Response from each individual will be different I suspect, subject to one’s political stance. Yet, even among those who agree on their Trump perspective, like him or dislike him, may have different interpretations as well, serving each with their own satisfying conclusion as to the interpretation of the President’s facial demeanor.  Talk about market reaction opportunities with out taking a side. 

Adam Owen of Owen Designs
Contact Adam at adamowencreative@gmail.com

Great work Adam.  Thank you for sharing.

Send OOH Today what you have or have seen on the streets.




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