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You Don’t Know Your Picoliter Size from Your Printhead

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You Don’t Know Your Picoliter Size from Your Printhead



by Robert Arnold
President, Associated Posters, Inc.


Associated Posters has printed for the OOH Industry since 1962.  I have been at API for 21 years. As a printer, we have seen many changes over the years, some earth shattering and others not. Today, the advancements we make, focus on fine tuning the little things for our partners. We are in daily motion of whittling down time and costs without sacrificing quality.  It wasn’t always like that though.

Back in the day, we would buy a new piece of “industry changing” equipment every year.  My boss, the former owner, would come in to a sales meeting encouraging us to tout his new purchase(s) to all our clients.  We thought he was just trying to brag about his new toys.  The sales team would be issued equipment brochures in lieu of OOH product brochures to hand to clients. I never understood why.

We didn’t sell equipment.  We sold Billboards. Why were we promoting the new latest and greatest printing equipment to billboard customers?  Our customers didn’t care about that.   

Now, 20 years later, out with the old guy and in with the new guy. I am “that guy”.  I LOVE my new toys. I love the new technology.  Like my predecessor, I am calling on clients as the owner.  I now understand that he wasn’t bragging about his new toys.  He was trying to inform the customer about the technology behind the printing. Handing out equipment specs probably wasn’t the best way. As I meet with customers, I listen carefully to understand their wants and needs.  The customer does not care about the picolitre size of our printheads or that we can print 5000 square feet per hour.   

We have learned table stakes for the printing business is, quality, turn around time, on time delivery, standing behind our work and yes, competitive price. These are the features which make our customers eyes light up.

The new technology and machinery?  It is important but only to the extent we deliver the aforementioned table stakes.

Here are a few amazing facts about our printing capabilities.

A 14 ’x 48’ prints in nine minutes.
A poster prints in three minutes.
We can finish a bulletin in eleven minutes.
Average turnaround time is 2-3 days print.
Our prints will last up to two years without fading and without a clear coat due to the advancements in UV ink technology.   

Maybe the best way was not mail or hand out hundreds of equipment spec sheets, but I see what the former boss was trying to accomplish. At the end of the day, it is not about how many printers you have or the size of your facility.  It is about your quality, customer service and turnaround time.



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