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OOH Owner Today —WOW Media 

Would never be allowed to install billboards in the center medians overhanging the roadway, full-motion was not possible, and clients would not buy it, and that they would never approve 405 freeway billboards

Benny Taubman

by Benny Taubman, OOH TODAY Reporter

WOW Media is a Los Angeles-based OOH business with superb signage in some of La La Land’s most visited and iconic locations. Wow’s locations include strategic placement on high-traffic freeways and avenues leading to Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, and Malibu. As the company mentions on its website, the billboards are “in a literal digital advertising desert.” Additionally, Wow offers some fun facts regarding its billboards, clarifying “our billboards are twice as large as typical freeway digitals and one thousand times sexier.”

Wow offers two categories of billboards: its 405 Freeway Digital and Street Level Full-motion. The former boasts vibrant color capabilities and has more than 500 times the number of pixels in a 4k television, allowing the sign to be clearly seen and read from a far distance. As the name suggests, the latter is capable of dynamic, full-motion videos that make campaigns more memorable and give them a much greater impact. Both of the billboards that Wow offers include options for a size of 20’ by 60’ feet and are significantly larger than the typical billboard. Wow’s billboards are located on the premises of famous LA attractions such as Sofi Stadium, The Forum, and Randy’s Donut – as seen in the movie “Iron Man.”

Wow also offers its interactivity suite, a toolbelt of interactive options to help a billboard and campaign stand out truly. With the interactivity suite, advertisers are able to connect their billboards to social media, have live content, change their message based on factors such as time of day, weather, and traffic conditions, enable user-generated interaction, provide countdowns, and more. In addition to the interactivity suite, Wow also offers another unique service: WowNow. WowNow gives Wow’s clients access to an automated online booking platform where they can schedule, purchase, and book short-term ad campaigns instantly.

Scott Krantz, the Founder and CEO of WOW Media, answered some questions about his business in an exclusive OOH Today interview.

Q: Why should advertisers choose your business?

A: “Clients select WOW because it offers premium inventory (full motion, center read) and is the exclusive provider of DOOH in Inglewood, the home of LAX, the Kia Forum, SoFi Stadium and Intuit Dome in 2024. In addition, WOW’s four digital 1200 sq. ft. interactive ambient lit digital billboards are the only digital billboards north of Manhattan beach along the 405. Bottom line: If you want to target the area, WOW is your only option.”

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Q: How does Wow Media develop strong relationships with its clients?

A: “One word: Results. We maintain and develop strong relationships by consistently providing superior service, transparency and most of all the results. Therefore, clients like Disney, Netflix, Hyundai and others keep coming back. From contract to execution to finish, clients are always taken care of.”

Q: What is the company’s key to success in the OOH business?

A: “Our key to success is always offering the best product in the best locations. Our high-quality imagery, color vibrancy, center read positioning, and visually captivating full-motion digital billboards make us superior to traditional OOH mediums. At WOW, we make sure we’re innovating and always looking for the next frontier, whether it be an up and coming city or new piece of real estate. After all, a great deal of time and money is spent by brands from ideation to execution and we want to be there to make sure it sticks!”

Q: So far, what has been one of the most creative uses of Wow’s experiential capabilities?

A: “WOW’s boards are so unique and impactful that it’s unnecessary for clients to do experiential campaigns. However, our partners have used our billboards for some pretty impactful campaigns including Delta promoting Equinox inside airport terminals. WOW tied FlightAware into our system. FlightAware’s system communicated with our screens when flights were departing and arriving so that Delta could target those people as they passed our billboards. This was a really cool idea that I hope will be used more in the future.”

Q: What are some future goals for the business?

A: “The city of Inglewood is experiencing unprecedented growth. It’s become L A’s sports and entertainment mecca and will soon be the hottest area in LA with 5 star hotels, high-end​ retail, and trendy restaurants and bars. WOW Media’s goal is to be the media medium for these markets, complementing the growth and bringing top brands to the growing influential population. 15 years ago, you couldn’t give away media in DTLA and now it’s one of the hottest areas. Inglewood is DTLA 2.0! Our goal is to be the biggest boutique media company in one of the smallest cities of LA.”

Q: Share a fun fact about your company!

A: “Developing WOW’s digital network throughout the City of Inglewood has been quite a journey. When I first inked the deal with the city back in 2015, Inglewood was not a hotspot for advertisers. In fact, most billboard advertising was selling for peanuts. I knew that the only way we could succeed was to build something unique and special that had not been done before. Everyone in the industry told me I would never be allowed to install billboards in the center medians overhanging the roadway, full-motion was not possible, and clients would not buy it, and that they would never approve the 405 freeway billboards. Fast forward, WOW has 20 (soon 22) full motion, center-read billboards, 4 freeway facing billboards and growing. The only reason that this became a reality is because I was too stupid to believe that it couldn’t be done. Ignorance sometimes has its advantages.”


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