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WOW Media and Territory Studio Pioneer 3D Motion Graphics on Standard-Sized Billboards

Redefines the Concept of Size for Outdoor Advertising, With Focus On Distribution + Capabilities 

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Los Angeles, CA, – WOW Media, the largest full-motion digital billboard network outside of Times Square, is proud to announce a partnership with Territory Studio, the leading 3D production house, to introduce 3D motion graphics to standard-sized billboards across WOW Media’s expansive full-motion network in key locations surrounding LAX, Sofi Stadium, Kia Forum and soon the Intuit Arena and more.  This industry-first initiative enables brands to reach larger audiences, focusing on distribution and capabilities, challenging the traditional notion of size in 3D out of home advertising.

A recent Nielsen study found that Out-Of-Home advertising which includes DOOH 3D Billboards is the most effective offline medium when it comes to driving online activity with more than four times per ad dollar spent compared to Television, Radio, and Print. The collaboration between WOW Media and Territory Studios is set to open up a new realm of opportunities for advertising, allowing brands to think more strategically about how to reach greater audiences, focusing on engaging content and a network effect as opposed to physical size and impact of one location.

“At WOW Media, we have redefined the concept of size in outdoor advertising. Rather than focusing on the physical dimensions of individual billboards for advertising in 3D, we focus on distribution and capabilities,” says CEO Scott Krantz. “Many brands don’t have the budget to spend on one big billboard like those in Piccadilly or Times Square.  Many brands would rather spend that same budget on ten billboards rather than one. With this partnership, we’ve given them a way to create impact in a more meaningful way, something our network of billboards has proven to do time and time again.”

While WOW Media is managing the network of billboards, Territory Studio, which has made a name for itself creating graphics for Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Marvel and more will be the first and  preferred 3D graphics partner.

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“We believe that our forward thinking approach is what brings clients to us and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with WOW Media to be a part of an industry-first move that will change the future of outdoor advertising forever. Visual storytelling will never be the same.

About WOW Media: WOW Media is a leading full-motion digital billboard network in Los Angeles, offering brands unparalleled reach and impact. With strategically placed billboards surrounding key locations, WOW Media provides maximum exposure to captivate audiences and deliver compelling advertising experiences.

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