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Worldcom OOH Presents Worldcom Media Services

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Worldcom OOH, a global media trading company specialized in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic, presents Worldcom Media Services (WORLDMS), a powerful platform that aims to efficiently manage out of home, digital, programmatic campaigns, and all traditional media, which even today represent more than 80% of the media offer, concentrating all in a single tool, both the campaign management and analysis process.

message for Wrapify
message for Wrapify

This marketplace has been developed in partnership with TDT (Technology Development Tools), specialist in digitalization and automation of commercial and operational processes, from end to end. The brand-new tool has the ability to optimize all processes and provide an efficient purchasing management, along with the implementation, control and reporting of advertising campaigns in any format. It brings together nine billion pieces of data to segment audiences by gender, age, devices, brands they consume, activities they make, place of residence, visited cities and build the real routes they perform in 100 million points of interest in the world -200 countries and 2,500 cities.

WORLDMS today covers all media -Outdoor, Indoor, Digital, Transportation, Mobile and Cinemas- and is organized according to the four stages of any advertising campaign. Planning, execution, control and report are managed in one place, guaranteeing agility in time and minimizing possible errors. Furthermore, the platform allows real-time supervision of the different campaign instances and delivers a proposal of media selected in a personalized way for each client.

Profile photo of Valentin Bueno
Valentin Bueno

Valentín Bueno, CEO of the company, comments on this launch: “Worldcom Media Services arises from the desire to offer the industry a tool like never existed in the industry, concentrating all our know how of more than 15 years in one place, making it available to advertisers and agencies. In this time, we have formed the largest media network in the world and we celebrate the launch of this tool that honors our new motto ‘everything we do on one platform’, with the most sophisticated technology available to the world in only one click.”

About Worldcom OOH
Worldcom OOH is a Company specialized in OOH media, created to meet the demand for out-of-home advertising in outdoor, indoor, digital, transport means, mobile and cinema. It provides local and regional services to Latin America, in the three business stages: Planning, execution and control. It employs over 200 people directly and has a wide network of strategic partners for the commercial and operational management in over 18 countries in North America and Europe, with current projection to the Asian market.

About TDT
TDT – Technology Development Tools – is a technological services and strategic consulting company, specialized in the development of technology and software architecture, which creates solutions to digitalize and automate commercial and operational processes, through customized products and solutions.

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