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Winner, Winner, Moldy Whopper Dinner

Beauty and the Burger

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Burger King OOH : ‘The Moldy Whopper’ 


And just when we thought the Burger Wars could not get any weirder, see yesterday’s story here⇒ This Subtle McDonald’s Creative Makes You, Burger King comes out with an OOH campaign touting its ‘beauty of no artificial preservatives”. Or are they? 

See the examples of a decaying, moldy burger as part of an effort by BK to reveal their “remove of artificial preservatives from the Whopper and other food products”. The ‘King’ says that it has “achieved a milestone by removing artificial preservatives from the Whopper sandwich, in most European countries and select markets in the United States”. 

“We are asking people to put those (cigarette) in their mouths”!

BK has achieved a milestone alright. I have not seen anything like this in 40 years of #OOH. It reminds me of a tobacco rep on a market ride, many years ago, concerned about the cleanliness of the poster trim: His comment, “We are asking people to put those (cigarette) in their mouths”!  My how things have changed. 

The moldy creative draws one in pretty quickly. What happens next?  The difference between the cash register ringing and the hardware handed out is sometimes a great divide.  We’d love to see the month’s receipts.

We bring you the ‘moldy Whopper’.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And while OOH Today is declaring this campaign DOA, our similar past pronouncements have assured an OOH Creative Award for the campaign we criticized.  As we pass detrimental judgement on this Burger King work, watch the future for a winner-winner, moldy whopper dinner award to be nominated soon. 

Burger King’s agency partners: Publicis, Ingo and David Miami collaborated to deliver the campaign.

What is your take? Creative award winner? or consumer turn off? 




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  1. Inspector Jacques Clouseau says

    Not sure which fast burger OOH creative is more disgusting.
    A. The Burger King “mold” campaign.
    B. The recent McD’s “Kiss” campaign; where human lips – upon close inspection – appear to deliver a kiss – which upon CLOSE inspection – to herpes infected faux lips.
    Yep! Both campaigns are in fact edgy…
    But who wins? Perhaps Chick Fil A

  2. Eric Ennis says

    I like the creativity of the idea, and it might appeal to younger people that want less preservatives in their food and have seen the McDonald’s pics of the food looking the same a year later, BUT A) Is that your target consumer for Burger King or just a hopeful target consumer to bring back to fast food? B) I think of the quiznos or some other commercials for some sandwich shop used rats or gerbils with human looking teeth in their commercials and it turned me off to even going to their place.
    If you want to make a good OOH campaign targeting your competition directly, I might consider a live update four screen, In the top two live updates of the Burger King Burger vs the McDonald’s burger showing them deteriorate over time with the time lapse clock, with the word “Preservatives” overlayed on the McD’s image and “No Preservatives” overlayed on the BK Burger.
    Then in the bottom two screens, a fresh hot BK burger vs a equivalent burger purchased from McDonalds. Tag lines like “Some like it Hot…” or “Get em while there hot!”

  3. Bill Board says

    Stellar ideas Eric Ennis. We too struggled with the BK Mold Burger

  4. Bill Board says

    Great points IJC. Agreed, not sure either wins. Score own goals and puts Chick Fil A ahead without even taking the pitch/field.

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