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Will Denton— Joins IBO as Enterprise Agency Advocate

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IBO Adds Another Enterprise Agency Advocate — Will Denton

Following the IBO Spring Denver conference, Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager of IBOUSA announced expanding their efforts to focus on revenue streams with one of the areas to provide tools and access to the IBO COOP Speedway to advertising agencies.  “We are adding another person to assist Lisa Rondina with the duty of reaching out to advertising agencies to get them to know what we do and what we have to offer,” said Cowlbeck.  “Today we announce the addition to the team of a known personality to our independent world of media owners by bringing Will Denton as an Enterprise Agency Advocate.  Will’s area will include reaching out to agencies and making them aware of our 90,000 face footprint and introducing them to the tools for them to fulfill their RFP needs and other campaign needs.”


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“We are excited to add Will to our team,” said Becky Smith, IBOUSA Enterprise Manager.  “He will assist us in delivering IBO Speedway tools for connection and efficiency to agencies while bringing revenues to our operators from across the country in addition to those from the coastal media hubs.  Will is hard working, terrific at outbound sales and likes to have fun – a perfect fit with our associates.”

Will can be contacted via email will@IBOUSA.org

About IBO
Our network of business professionals emerged a few decades ago and combined efforts with common ties as independent business operators, mostly from smaller rural and suburban markets.  Challenged by our size and access to resources, contacts and ideas, we created an organization whereby we helped each other out, not dissimilar to the old ways that our great country was born, by neighbors helping neighbors.

Over time we have grown to be a fun, innovative and influential group of business entrepreneurs and companies, centered around the world of marketing and exchanging ideas of technology, operations and sales.  We each have resources, products and services that operators may benefit from, and this site attempts to coordinate a wide variety of interests.

Our primary networking tool is our semi-annual conference whereby the owners and key people in our Associate Companies meet to discuss the topics of concern.  We have extended our access to our services to a broader spectrum of groups, including agencies that touch the OOH industry.  Our IBO COOP Speedway is similar to a real estate MLS whereby we band together our nationwide inventory footprint to provide current pricing and availability for buyers, brands and platforms in a traditional or automated manner.

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