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Why you should include Freebies in you next Activation

3 Reasons 'Free' Giveaway Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Okay, who doesn’t love a freebie? If you go to your favorite store and they’re giving out a free item with a purchase…you’re not going to hate it, right? I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to spend a little money to get that free item! Ohhh the beauty of a freebie. You give some to get some. 

Companies use this method in their marketing strategy for three reasons.

  1. To build brand awareness
  2. To target a specific audience
  3. To gain loyal customers

The benefits outweigh the expense of giving away a free item. So let’s dive into the reasons why YOU SHOULD INCORPORATE FREEBIES AT YOUR NEXT ACTIVATION. 

The Psychology of Free:
People love free. That is simply how our brains are wired. For real. It’s science. From a new biscuit sample at Costco to a free lipstick with a mascara purchase… We love receiving items with no strings attached! It’s all about the feeling of receiving an item without having to work for it, earn it, or pay for it. It’s a gift! Doesn’t everyone love receiving gifts!? Hey, It’s Free! 

When we get something for free, our brain releases the hormone dopamine. When this happens it creates a very happy feeling that can last for days. This processing time in the brain is when the happy feelings created are associated with the free item. Our brain subconsciously thinks about a few things during this process.

“They must really believe in this product to just give it away so freely.”

“This company really cares about me and my best interest.”

“I like the way this made me feel, so I want to buy more.” 

This process increases loyalty to the free item/brand. 

How to Incorporate a Freebie in An Experiential Marketing Campaign:
An experiential marketing campaign is all about creating a memorable experience for your audience. Including giveaways or freebies can easily be a part of that engagement!

Imagine this. You represent a makeup company and you want to create brand awareness. You also want to extend your advertising reach beyond traditional emails and billboards. So you give us a call and together we come up with a fantastic idea for your audience. We create a walk in pop up store utilizing one of our vehicles. Our Gullwing School Bus or the Glass Box Truck is perfect for this. We incorporate mirrors, lights, branded decor, props, and strategically place your product. When your guests walk in they are immediately welcomed, greeted, and offered a “try on experience”. They move through the experience and as they exit, you hand out your featured product as a thank you. The consumer is experiencing something unique, touching your product, engaging with your brand, and walking away with something free. It’s a win-win all around! Not only were you able to create brand awareness, but you were able to pinpoint your target audience. This one strategy gives you insight to who your marketing campaigns need to target and it creates loyal customers. All at the same time!  

Freebies have proven to be efficient and worth it. We understand. The word free can sound like a loss to a company. In reality, IT’S SIMPLY GOOD MARKETING.

Freebie Facts: 

  • 90% of people recognize the brand 
  • 80% of people research the brand from a freebie they received
  • 83% of people are more likely to shop with the company in the future
  • 82% of people had a more positive impression with the brand 
  • 52% of people will keep a promo item if it has good quality 

Gain Valuable Customers at a Low Cost
So what do you think? Is a free item worth it? Next time you’re strategizing the next marketing campaign, think about what you could give away for free to gain valuable customers at a low cost. Also, you don’t have to figure this all out on your own, or do it all by yourself. This is what we do! We can help come up with an idea, plan, and execute. We take the stress off of your shoulders and can handle everything for you. Lime Media is here to bring your imagination to life!

WEBSITE: LIME-MEDIA.COM | PHONE: (972) 845-8186 | EMAIL: info@lime-media.com 

References: Hawlk, K. (2017, June 21). The Science of Free Samples: How Freebies Can Keep Customers Coming Back For More – In-person Selling and Pop-Up Shops. Retrieved from https://www.shopify.com/retail/the-science-of-product-samples-how-free-samples-can-hook-customers-on-your-products

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