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Who is the 5th Largest OOH Network?

35,000 Audited Locations

2 705


 PMD Media is the 5th Largest OOH Network —35,000 Audited Locations




If you google “OOH Measurement” you will find over 2.7 million results. Most of those lead to one answer: Geopath

PMD Media is excited to announce that our network has been officially mapped and audited on Geopath’s Insights Suite

PMD Media is now recognized as the 5th largest #OOH operator in the U.S., with over 35,000 locations. 

We’re excited to enter into this new phase in our history, one that began in an NYU dorm room almost 30 years ago. 




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  1. Thomas R Giesken says

    How about a Top 10 list???

  2. Bill Board says

    Working on it. Great idea Thomas R Giesken

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