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Who are the Washington, D.C. Top OOH Operators?

Who Owns the Nation's Capital When it Comes to Outdoor Advertising?

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7 OOH Operators of Washington, D.C.

D.C is the 7th* largest Designated Market Area (DMA) in the Country. The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area is the metropolitan area centered on Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. The area includes all of the Federal District and parts of the U.S. states of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. It is part of the larger Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is one of the most educated and most affluent metropolitan areas in the US.

We found 7 OOH operators who dominate our Top 5 lists in 3 categories.

But do they dominate the market place? Check out the comparisons to the Atlanta DMA?

Who Owns the Nation’s Capital When it Comes to Outdoor Advertising?

As you will see, no one company dominates OOH in the Nation’s Capital. Washington, D.C. may be the most under-served #OOH ‘large market’ in the US. 

A word about our ‘counts’. We started working the Geopath Insights Suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators by spot count in D.C. and included the total weekly average impressions by each category. Or as we like to say, the top OOH companies by inventory. From the search, we created 3 lists. 

7 owner/operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the Washington, D.C. Designated Market Area or DMA. 

The location and company with the #1 impressions in DC
Read all the way to the end, to find out who owns and where the display is located, with the most impressions in the D.C. DMA, delivering a paltry 917,000  impressions in an average week.


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Who are the Washington, D.C. top OOH Operators?♦

I. The Top 5 OOH Owner Operators with the most spots in the Washington, D.C. DMA are:

1) Clear Channel Outdoor
2) InSite Street Media
3) PMD Media
5) Kegerreis Outdoor

Geopath measures 11087 roadside and place-based spots in the Washington, DC DMA. Together they deliver 507 million impressions weekly.

Compare D.C. to Atlanta —

# of roadside+place-based spots —11,087 to 16,027
impressions —507 Million to 2.4 Billion

Geopath measures 16,027 roadside and place based spots in Atlanta that deliver 2.4 billion total impressions in the average week (Persons 0+)


II. The Top 5 Operators with the most static bulletins in the D.C. DMA are:

1) Clear Channel Outdoor
2) Lamar Advertising
3) Kegerreis Outdoor
5) Liquid Outdoor

There are 455 static bulletins in the Washington, D.C. DMA that are Geopath audited. They deliver a combined 67 million impressions weekly.

Compare D.C. to Atlanta —

# of static displays —455 to 4330

impressions —67 Million to 1.2 Billion

4,330 Geopath measured static bulletins in Atlanta that deliver 1.2 billion impressions total in the average week.


III. The 5 OOH Operators with the most digital bulletins in the Washington, D.C. DMA are:

1) Clear Channel Outdoor
2) Lamar Advertising
4) Liquid Outdoor
5) Kegerreis Outdoor

There are 211 digital bulletin spots measured by Geopath in the DMA. They deliver a combined
25 million impressions weekly.

Compare D.C. to Atlanta —

# of digital displays —211 to 3404

impressions —25 Million to 773 Million

3,404 digital bulletins are measured by Geopath in Atlanta DMA that deliver 773 million impressions in the average week.


The #1 OOH location by impressions in the Washington, D.C. DMA 

The OOH display with the highest impressions in the D.C. DMA is a static bulletin owned by
Clear Channel Outdoor on Rt 301 that delivers 916K impressions on average every week.

* 7th according to Nielsen DMA Rankings 2020

♦ Our ‘counts’. All numbers are based on the Geopath Insights Suite as of February 14th, 2020.
Non- Geopath members are not counted in any of our figures or statements.




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  1. Nick Coston says

    Kerrigis is mostly in Hagerstown MD that’s 72 miles from DC. As a large scale DC media buyer I’ve never considered buying Hagerstown for DC. Really?

  2. Bill Board says

    Nick Coston, please note the post clearly identifies the criteria as DMA. And the previous week’s posts of markets’ lists, Atlanta, NYC, USA are examined exactly as DC in the subset of DMA. I don’t think we want to carry the discussion as you mention, to why you should or should not be considering Hagerstown. Hagerstown is identified by Nielsen and others as part of the Wash.DC DMA. Perhaps your point might be, that Hagerstown should not be part of the DMA? perhaps a solid example of why OOH needs expert buyers and planners

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