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Billboard Boycott of Advertisers

There Are No Stupid Billboards

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Atlanta’s Cobb County Boycotts Vision Outdoor Advertisers

A billboard boycott of sorts, is being called for by Atlanta Northwest suburban residents of Cobb County, Georgia. Locals are finally taking notice of the newly installed Digital OOH Displays in their area. Vision Outdoor Media has 4 displays in the ground and 4 more with work orders to be installed in 2020. Jane and John Q Public are attempting to organize via app, ‘Next Door‘, calling for a boycott of those advertisers using the space. The news stations are on the fence wondering about the affect, but we all know, boycotts fade while billboards last. 

The eight two-sided displays are part of an agreement, settled between Vision Outdoor against Cobb County after Vision submitted 22 applications in the spring of 2019, all of which were denied by county staff.  Vision sued and won, claiming the sign regs were unconstitutional. Vision will pay the county $800,000 in impact fees.

See the 1 minute video below from local television station 11Alive.  11Alive is the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit 11Alive.com





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  1. Brian Atwell says

    Short term cause; long time solution for advertisers!

  2. Bill Board says

    Agreed Brian Atwell. Much ado about nothing. If the County residents paid attention to who they elected and the ordinances enacted, they might not have an issue. Thank you for your comment. You probably don’t see anything like this in your part of the world.

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