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When a Traditional Billboard Won’t, A Mobile Billboard Will

Rejecting Advertisers

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When traditional Outdoor Advertising companies will not accept controversial or politically charged advertising, one can typically count on Mobile Billboards to answer the call.  As was the case with advertiser, gun-control activist, Andy Parker.  Parker is against 69-year-old, rock’n’roller Ted Nugent, performing in concert July 17, at the Roanoke, Virginia, Berglund Center.

According to Dan Casey, writing for The Roanoke Times, “three billboard companies — Lamar Advertising, Capital Outdoor and Outfront Media — rejected Parker’s attempts to rent space featuring anti-Nugent, anti-Berglund Center messages”.

It should be noted, Parker is the father of Alison Parker, the WDBJ-7 news reporter who, with colleague Adam Ward, was tragically shot and killed while conducting a live television interview in August 2015.

The sad event led Parker to gun-control activism.


Stymied but not detoured Parker discovered mobile billboards. A Washington, D.C based mobile billboard company is accepting the business.

The mobile truck creative will have a photo of Ted Nugent holding a semi-automatic rifle. Copy on one side will say: “TED NUGENT is coming to Roanoke.” Calling Nugent a “draft dodging, race baiting has-been,”  The other side will read: “TED NUGENT. Would you invite this creep into your home? The Berglund Center did. #BoycottBerglund”.

What is your opinion? 

Did the traditional OOH companies make the right decision?
Should the Mobile Billboard company accept the business?
Would you accept the business?

Read the full story By Dan Casey dan.casey@roanoke.com 981-3423 for The Roanoke Times

Billboard company rejections won’t stop anti-Ted Nugent messaging campaign



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  1. Kristy Vivian says

    Actually sent my husband hunting with Ted Nugent for his 50th birthday and it was epic!

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you for sharing Ms Vivian. We love his music! I suspect a hunting outing would be very interesting. Regardless of one’s politics, Nugent has a vast experience of life to share.

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