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What is the Value of Outdoor Advertising’s Currency?

Op-Ed Essay by Kym Frank, President Geopath

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Gambling with OOH Currency

OOH Currency 

Out of Home’s legitimate and buyers’ accepted expert on #OOH measurement, Geopath, is led by its brilliant and trailblazing President, Kym Frank.  When Ms Frank requested we publish her essay on the tripartite, not-for-profit organization, our only question was; “When?”

Like our other irreplaceable, not for profit representative, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Geopath also shares a long respected history of Industry accepted practices and trust.  Geopath’s independent, 3rd party, standardized valuations provides the one measurement system critical to advertisers decision-making.

Paraphrasing Frank, Geopath is our currency.  And that currency is strong and accepted by buyers. Devaluing and attempting to inject a different currency outside of Geopath is a speculative gamble at best. Considering the risk rewards ratio, the roulette table pictured above may be a better gamble. There’s a lot to lose when you place it on the table.

OOH Today is pleased to share Kym Frank’s Op-Ed post below.


Serving All Our Members

by Kym Frank, President, Geopath

I spend a lot of time on the road visiting with Geopath members in markets large and small across the country.  Just last week, I was in Chicago, grabbing coffee with a media operator who asked me, “Why would you want to spend time with a small operator like me while you’re in such a big market?”

I was a little stunned.  Why wouldn’t I?

I’ve been in this role for a bit over three years, and I’m always learning.  The best way for me to identify ways to help our members is to listen to them, learn about their business, understand their unique opportunities and their challenges.

We are a tripartite, not-for-profit organization made up of agencies, advertisers, and media operators.  Every single one of our members is important to this organization – regardless of how many pieces of inventory they own.

That is crucial because the majority of our seller members own less than 50 units – 55% of them!  In fact, a third of our members have 20 pieces of inventory or less.

Last year, 27% of our smallest members saw their dues decrease.  Our Board of Directors voted to add a new, lower-priced tier for smaller operators.  It costs $229 a month.

Last year, 27% of our smallest members saw their dues decrease.

For $229, that operator receives the exact same service that we provide for all of our members.
That includes:

  • Independent auditing of all their inventory
  • Measurement of their units, including thousands of targeted audience segments
  • Unlimited access to all of our data, software, and systems
  • Inclusion in our Inventory Locator
  • Consultative help from our team at geekOUT
  • Our Research Library full of thought leadership and research materials
  • Training materials and webinars
  • Discounts at the Geopath & OAAA Conference
  • Recognition across our agencies and advertisers as a part of the Geopath membership
  • Integration into third-party platforms offering a variety of measurement, proposal generation, inventory management, and buying solutions
  • and so much more

Our membership is growing.  In the last two years, our membership has increased by 50% – and we are set to break new records this year.  This is great news…not just for Geopath, but for the entire OOH industry.

Having a comprehensive, universal, independent measurement system makes OOH easier to buy, plan and measure.  It ensures that the OOH currency is trusted and transparent to the buying community.

As a not-for-profit organization, our only agenda is to do our job and do it well for all our members.

OOH currency is trusted and transparent to the buying community.



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