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What is the Value of Net Zero Emissions for OOH?

What are your Sustainability Goals?

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OOH’s Net Zero Emissions

by Casey Binkley, Founder/CEO, Movia Media




As people become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of everything around them, the OOH advertising industry has been working on ways to respond. One such company thinking in this space is Movia, a mobile billboard advertising company with major sustainability goals in mind.

Movia offsets all of their production and operations by planting trees for every truck ad they place on the road.  Working with two charities, Trees for the Future and Highway of Heroes, 100 trees are planted for every truck that completes 4 week campaign cycle. So far, Movia has planted 55,000 trees and is working towards their one million tree goal. Moreover, they partner with delivery trucks that are already driving on the road, so they aren’t adding any new CO2 to the environment, allowing for net zero emissions.

Besides being an eco-friendly media choice, Movia’s truck-side ads offer an impactful way for companies to tell their own sustainability story. As more and more consumers look to their favorite brands to change the way they create, produce, and sell their products, sustainability has not only become a trend for businesses, but a mission. According to a recent WARC survey, 83% of respondents claimed that they will always pick the brand that has a better record of sustainability and 90% agreed that companies and brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people. To let their consumers know about the steps they’ve been making in this space, brands are turning to OOH advertising options like Movia to make big, bold, and inherently eco-friendly statements.

Other OOH advertisers are also doing their part for the environment. In Oregon, the general manager of Meadow Outdoor Advertising, is making his environmental impact by installing LED lights across his billboards in several Western states. Not only will this upgrade reduce future costs, but it will also reduce Meadow Outdoor’s carbon footprint – by saving more than 1.2 million kilowatt hours. Not to mention that with the change in lighting, the billboards look more crisp and brighter. The switch really is a win-win!

Sustainability is something that everyone can work on together in order to make a larger impact. Reach out to Movia to find out how your brand or organization can become more sustainable with OOH Advertising.



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